baritone horn

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the second lowest brass wind instrument


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Baritone horn and euphonium: In band music, according to Grove Music Online, "The B[?
There were performances from Jeni Smith, double bass; Joseph Meilak, viola; Leanne Talbot, violin; Ruth Jones, violin; Gareth Talbot, trombone, and Tim Jones, baritone horn, who was judged the winner and goes on to the zone final.
Low instruments such as tuba and baritone horn make a sonic imagining of the hippo.
The pieces will be played by Godiva Brass, a Coventry ensemble which comprises a cornet, two euphoniums, baritone horn and tuba.
Afterwards, I checked out the middle set by the Alan Barnes Quartet at Ipanema, where the saxophonist was hugging his baritone horn.
Band member Jon Varela, 17, splits his time between color guard and the band where he plays tuba, baritone horn and trombone.
My background as a baritone horn and electric bass player allows me to appreciate the artistic aspects of music reproduction.
Vicky, who played baritone horn, was rehearsing with the band when she collapsed on Friday.
4 ea CONNstellaction Series Double Horn (Nickel Silver), 5 ea Jupiter Double Horn Fixed Bell, 8 ea Yamaha Euphonium (Silver), 4 ea Jupiter Student Series 3-valved Baritone Horn, 6 ea Jupiter 582 4-valved Full-SizedBBb Tuba (Silver), 3 ea Yamaha 3/4 BBb Tuba.
The rendition of The Witch of the Westmerlands featured Ciaran Young on the baritone horn and Stuart Lingard on cornet.
He played baritone horn in the Michigan Marching Band and Symphony Band, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science 1956.
Growing up in the northern brass bands tradition, he switched from baritone horn to trombone after the conductor of the band he played in suggested it would offer better long-term prospects.
Brian is now musical director of the new band, and also conducts Trimdon Band in County Durham and plays baritone horn in Ashington Colliery Band in Northumberland.
In addition to trombone, Chamberlain himself sings coro and plays several instruments, including flute, bass trumpet, and baritone horn, to "give more variety to the group's sound.
Helen Kinder, aged 17, of Bilton Lane, has taken one of six coveted baritone horn places in the band and is now preparing for a training course over Easter.