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Synonyms for baritone

a male singer

the second lowest adult male singing voice

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the second lowest brass wind instrument

lower in range than tenor and higher than bass

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Jonathan Finney's baritonal tenor and stilted delivery made for no convincing Pinkerton, but Sarah Estill's body-language did its best to convey the shy young Butterfly - countermanded by a fruity vibrato which destroyed the illusion.
At the same time, my voice has become darker and more baritonal, so we decided the time was right for me to pursue Wagner.
And as the eponymous hero Placido Domingo is simply terrific, his burnished, baritonal tones honed with an appropriately metallic edge in this tale of knights guarding the Holy Grail.
Articulation, particularly in bass forays, was amazingly clear, with the Ax left thumb elsewhere singing a wonderful baritonal line.
He was convincingly baritonal in the upper regions, but lacking in resonance and carrying-power in the lowest register.
In addition he has a wonderfully resourceful baritonal register, quite a rarity in one so young, which he deploys with great richness of effect.
There were moments of baritonal resonance in his vocal production, which sometimes made one wonder if he would be able to reach the higher level of his role.
Bocelli's voice has an attractive immediacy, more resonantly baritonal than his illustrious predecessor, the galactic Luciano Pavarotti, his equal in middle-range ardour, and with the capability to release high notes of crowd-pleasing quality (as in 'La Donna e mobile').
Combined with all this, and even though he tended to push his voice too hard, Jovanovich revealed a sound that's perfect for this dark-colored music, a rich, resonant tenor with baritonal high notes.
And indeed his account was one of great inner tension and desperation, vocal colouring emerging now ardent, now darkly baritonal, and finally pallid as the lovelorn, bitter miller finds eventual rest in the omnipresent stream.
He has secure, ringing high notes and an appealing baritonal heft in the middle of his voice.
One glimpsed a nobility in Pike's delivery, a heroism defiant to the end; baritonal timbres brought crushed sorrow, and intenser tones conveyed inner mental despair.