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a tour of bars or public houses (usually taking one drink at each stop)

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BEIRUT: Saturday night transforms Beirut into a hub of barhopping and nightclubbing.
Details of past dealings with drug suspects may be pertinent, while marital infidelities or off-duty barhopping may not if they have no impact on officer job performance.
After a session of the state House of Representatives in 2002, a group of lawmakers went barhopping in Harrisburg.
where one admission fee grants access for barhopping.
Complex transmission dynamics of clonally related virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis associated with barhopping by predominantly human immunodeficient virus-positive gay men.
with no criminal record, just picked the wrong night to go barhopping.
It's a relatively cheap hobby, even cheaper than going barhopping.
CHICAGO -- SceneTap, a startup that applies the best aspects of the most popular social networking sites to local barhopping, will soon offer real-time information that answers the age-old question: "What's going on tonight?
Whether someone is rowdy from barhopping, rapturous from giving birth or stressed by a crime or accident, the people that late-night workers encounter are always alive and real.
He marked his 50th by barhopping with Bono in Dublin.
Yes, we all love the puffy jacket--but save it for skiing or barhopping.
Go barhopping through the streets of the town to Shakers, X Bar and Central followed by a boat trip to Bodrum's Halikarnas Disco.
Now, barhopping on foot is even possible in the Sherman Oaks-Studio City corridor.