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someone who operates a barge

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Bard (Luke Evans), a bargeman, ferries Bilbo and the Dwarves to corrupt Laketown, in the shadow of Erebor.
They include John Wilson, known as Cuckoo Jack, who worked as a bargeman on the River Tyne.
222) these authors say that limited decision-making, for example, when the visitor plans variations to regular travel behaviour such as taking a new route or engaging in a new activity at a familiar festival, requires somewhat more time and effort; Bargeman and Van der Poel (2006, p.
As his pole dredged the murky waters, the bargeman was surprised to notice a small light shape bob up to the surface of the Thames.
Nanofiltration leads to a considerable reduction in waste discharge, less energy consumption and improved raw materials utilization in our plants," said Gerrald Bargeman, team leader of separation technology at AkzoNobel, which published more nanofiltration-related patent publications with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) than any other organization, according to the report.
Roberts, a bargeman, accounts for four of the six sound recordings currently listed in the Roud Folksong Index (Figure l).
Moreover, several of the acquittances indicate that the tradesmen who worked on the project were hired by Street who served as overseer for all phases of the project; for instance, William Shepherd, bricklayer, and Richard Deller, bargeman, were both paid "at the appointment of Peter Street.
Literature and World Religion student Lisa Ann Bargeman presents The Egyptian Origin of Christianity, a thoughtful examination of the parallels between the modern-day Roman Catholic Church and ancient Egyptian ceremony.
Bethany Bargeman, eight, from Stone, Staffordshire, handed the Queen some flowers.
Two other sheriffs and the bargeman who discovers Chicken Little's body become plagues on the black Community by virtue of neglect or distorted kindness.
nThe Bargeman, missing from action for 515 days, made a winning return in the hands of Richard Dunwoody when staying on to beat Step In Line in the novices' handicap hurdle.
The core of the team, which plays together only once a year at the NFL Air-It-Out, is rounded out by ex-Alemany wide receiver Travis Bargeman ('86), who flies in from the Bay Area to prepare and play in the competition.