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needlepoint embroidery stitch that produces zigzag lines

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The velvet textiles of Safavid Persia have long been revered for their sophistication of design, their lavish use of materials (silk, often wrapped with silver and gilt foil strips) and extremely complex structure and the previously unpublished velvet sold today was believed to be from the same textile as fragments that are now in the the Bargello Museum, Florence, the Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon and the M.
He says: "Strong Gale [sire of Forest Gale] was about to get going as a stallion and I always liked Bargello mares, they bred good chasing types like [Gold Cup winner] Jodami.
18) The helmet done for Cosimo II for the occasion by Gaspar Mola survives in Florence at the Museo Nazionale del Bargello (The Medici, Michelangelo, and the Art of Late Renaissance Florence 272-273).
From mountains of fabric, a plethora of color, texture and design, eventually the yellows and golds of a single bargello quilt pour forth an intense light into the surrounding darkness, and I understand more fully how the Trinity works, of one substance, Marcene/Elsie/Toni.
Once you've done Santa Croce, there's the Duomo to see, and Santa Maria Novella, and Santa Maria del Carmine, Orsanmichele, San Lorenzo, the Bargello and so the list continues.
Within the same walking tour, you can easily include the Bargello, an important national museum, the celebrated Uffizi Gallery and the picturesque Ponte Vecchio.
The highlight of the exhibition was the curators' outstanding feat to have been able to show the painting and the related sculpture by Verrocchio, "Lady with Bunch of Flowers" from the Bargello in Florence, Cat.
Verrocchio's "David" Restored: A Renaissance Bronze from the National Museum of the Bargello, Florence, Italy, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Ge.
In the light of this concept and other documentation to hand, Cole--in this first book in English on Cellini from the perspective of art history--indicates in the Appendix that the statue of Ganymede in the Bargello is most probably to be attributed to one of Cellini's collaborators in 1549, Willem de Trode.
We dropped into Florence many times to meander around the streets, along the Arno river, across the Pont Vecchio (a bridge lined with jewellers), in and out of the Bargello and other museums.
His profile has a provocative similarity to the portrait of Dante in the Bargello.
The Museo del Bargello, which was once the office of the head of the guards and is now a museum, houses a number of Michelangelo's works including Bacchus, the ancient god of wine which he sculpted for a banker named Jacopo Galli in 1496, when the great artist first went to Rome.
Introductions include Somerset Check, part of the Beehive collection; Solstice Bargello, a fabric in the Solstice collection; and Shogun, part of the Moire collection.
Occasionally, too, Smith's interpretations of visual material need further proof to be convincing (for example, her identification of four panels on the cover of the Bargello casket (fig.
BES has developed a strong Italian wine portfolio including Baroncini, Bruno Rocca, L'Illuminata by Guido Folonari, Davide Feresin, Campo Bargello, Franco Terpin, Carron,, Corbera and Vinae Italiae by Wine & Food.