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someone who operates a barge

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Bargees Tahir said that the government was taking measures on emergency basis to control dengue virus in flooded areas.
Cherished memories of our brother Gerry, the last of the Upper Mersey Bargees and also worked the first ever canal, cut in England.
In the meantime, we're learning all we can about Measham pottery, which is inextricably linked to canal barges and bargees.
Did you know, half a century ago bargees on the Thames would row ladies of pleasure from Central London down to the steamers in the port of Rochester?
Many will sadly miss "Doctor Dick", whether they are anaesthetists (or his one-time patients), farmers, divers, journeymen, sailors or bargees, or just people who had had the enjoyment of meeting him once or twice.
Three centuries of bargees took their cargoes along the picturesque rivers and man-made canals of the Aquitaine.
But the bargees of olden days couldn't have imagined the luxury of our Hoseasons barge rented out of the Clifton Cruisers marina near Rugby.
The Worcester and Birmingham Canal is less than 30 miles long but has 58 locks --which meant a slow and arduous journey for the bargees.
The bargees used to come into the village, but most of the villagers were miners.
Live life in the slow lane on a narrowboat hotel on the Shroppie, the pet name bargees give to the canal that winds through Shropshire.
Hand nowhere in the opinion evaluates the costs versus benefits of having a bargee present on the ship at all times (or of having shifts of bargees rotate their guard duty), but assumes that the bargee must only be on the barge "during working hours," unless he has some excuse for being absent.
AJK Senior Minister told Bargees that WAPDA had showed negligence during the Mangla Dam upraising.
On this occasion Bargees Tahir, Rana Muhammad Arshad, Tariq Bajwa, Rai Mansab Ali Khan, Mian Javed Latif, Bilal Ahmed Virk, Shahbaz Ch.
There is an extensive range of sta including haryali chicken kebab, chicken pak aloo took, mixed kebab, chicken puri, fish bi fish pakora, prawn/king prawn puri, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken/lamb, sheek kebab, s kebab, meat/veg samosas, onion bargees, sou prawn cocktail.
It was wonderful for us as children talking to the bargees from our living room window and running along Field Lane and also before 1970, Sefton Street, to turn around the bridges to allow the boats through.