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someone who operates a barge

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Bargees Tahir said that the tumultuous welcome to the Prime Minister reflected the love and respect of masses for Nawaz Sharif and it has become crystal clear that the masses are with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
In 1582 the city of Zurich complained that the new mill obstructed their bargees.
ISLAMABAD -- A total of 6,835 Kashmiri refugee families are residing in Azad Jammu and Kashmir camps since 1989, Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Chaudhry Mohammad Bargees Tahir told National Assembly Monday.
We see wharfingers, warehousemen, fishers, sailors, ship's boys, publicans, (naval) pensioners, mudlarks, lime-burners, coal-heavers, bargees, and artisans, as well as other working men, women, and children.
99) Mostyn Evan and his family, miners turned bargees, wage a glorious but hopeless struggle against rapacious coalmasters, Irish navvies, the ravages of cholera, and the bullying illegal unions.
operators, bargees, landlords, road construction workers, drivers,
The works include the supply, installation and commissioning of electromechanical equipment serving the Bargees.
It has been identified in a study that internet use causes youngsters to experience difficulties in interpersonal relations (Suhail and Bargees, 2006).
A meeting of NA Standing Committee held on IT, which was chaired by Chairman Bargees Tahir.
In the meantime, we're learning all we can about Measham pottery, which is inextricably linked to canal barges and bargees.
Did you know, half a century ago bargees on the Thames would row ladies of pleasure from Central London down to the steamers in the port of Rochester?
Many will sadly miss "Doctor Dick", whether they are anaesthetists (or his one-time patients), farmers, divers, journeymen, sailors or bargees, or just people who had had the enjoyment of meeting him once or twice.
Three centuries of bargees took their cargoes along the picturesque rivers and man-made canals of the Aquitaine.
But the bargees of olden days couldn't have imagined the luxury of our Hoseasons barge rented out of the Clifton Cruisers marina near Rugby.