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someone who operates a barge

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Sophie was born on the narrowboat 'Lear' on the canal at Broad Street, where she lived with her bargee father, mother and three sisters.
THE 30-year-old presenter is the son of the popular 1960s/70s actress Julia Foster (The Bargee, Half A Sixpence).
Not Screened Young Adam (18) David Mackenzie's moody, intense, sexually uncompromising 50s-set arty psychodrama about an amoral drifter (Ewan McGregor) who has an affair with his bargee boss's wife and may know more about the woman (Emily Mortimer) whose corpse they found in the Clyde than he's letting on.
One reader had traced a family member to a household in Lincolnshire, miles away from the family home, while another reader believed she found the daughter of a Cheshire bargee living and working as a scullery maid at Halsnead Hall in Whiston.
A BARGEE and a walker helped rescue a women who fell into the canal in Leamington yesterday.
Families that have lost contact with their relations in the UK and abroad need to know that there is a great network of organisations that can assist in restoring family contact," says Wolla Bargee of British Red Cross International Tracing.
Iris, badly disfigured by a facial scar, is the focus of bargee Taz Dixon's attentions and is unsure how to respond.
These matters are raised in the curry house - it's not called the Argee Bargee for nothing.
We were on a stretch of the Trent and Mersey canal that starts at a less-than-lovely boatyard in the Potteries close to Stoke on Trent, a length of waterway that even the most ardent bargee would admit is not one of nature's better shop windows.
Understandably, then The Ship is a centrepoint to bargee folklore and responsible for its intriguing nickname, The Blood Tub.
T]here is no general rule to determine when the absence of a bargee or other attendant will make the owner of the barge liable for injuries to other vessels if she breaks away from her moorings.
Early in the journey, marginality is romanticized through reflections on the life of a bargee seen on the Willebroek Canal:
The issue in the case is whether the owner of a barge is careless in failing to have a bargee present on a ship to guard against the ship's slipping its moorings and damaging others' property.
These are Beyond the Pale, Elland BestBitter, Nettlethrasher, Eden, Bargee and 1872 Porter.