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leverage in the form of an inducement or a concession useful in successful negotiations

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BEIRUT: Prime Minister Najib Mikati said Thursday that the 11 Lebanese being held in Syria were taken hostage in order to be used as bargaining chips in the Lebanese political arena.
The debate comes just prior to the expiry of the mandate for a UN observer mission on July 20, and Lavrov has claimed that the West is using the deadline as a bargaining chip.
Detainees are not used as bargaining chips in restive provinces, but are considered when the release of a detainee enables better governance, elevates the capacity of Afghan government and can contribute to building trust between fractious tribes," he added.
But Ahmadinejad saw a chance to use those bargaining chips for another cynical purpose - as part of a propaganda offensive in connection with his visit to New York to address this week's U.
Friends and family of the accused have alleged that the three are being detained as bargaining chips in the ongoing stand-off over Tehran's nuclear programme.
Relatives have alleged that the three are being detained as bargaining chips in the ongoing stand-off over Tehran's nuclear programme.
There are fears Pyongyang is using the women as bargaining chips as the UN debates a new resolution to punish the country for its defiant May 25 atomic test and as North Korea seeks to draw Washington into direct negotiations.
After the Obama administration announced its intention to launch new initiatives toward Iran, following the direct address by the US president on the occasion of Nowruz last month, Tehran has discovered that it can retain the bargaining chips it has sought to use in the Levant, before making mutual concessions with Washington.
26 (ANI): The North Korean Government is likely to use the two American journalists it has detained as bargaining chips in its feuds with the outside world, analysts and politicians in South Korea have claimed.
Al Jazeera's Mariana Sanchez in Villavicencio says that with the release of Jara and the upcoming release of the legislator the Farc is giving up its last two civilian hostages - whom it considered its most valuable bargaining chips with the Colombian government - to send the message the group is adhering to international law and would like to be seen as open for dialogue with the government.
With Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan giving City considerable financial muscle, the bargaining chips are likely to be raised.
It was immoral that two players whose contracts were owned by a third party should be used as bargaining chips in a messy takeover war.
23 robbery at Snooky's, a bar with bikini-clad dancers, as savagery in which victims' lives were used as bargaining chips to force the owner to open the safe.
In "Hostages to Fortune," a couple uses their children as bargaining chips in their troubled marriage.
Nigerian militants have blown up oil pipelines to further demands for local control of oil revenues while other groups have kidnapped oil workers to use as bargaining chips to put pressure on companies to create jobs or improve benefits.