bargaining chip

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leverage in the form of an inducement or a concession useful in successful negotiations

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Amer reportedly confessed to the crime, saying he planned to use the body as a bargaining chip to secure the release of his brother, Nur al-Din Amer.
It has been using the case as a bargaining chip," Cheong said.
The more immediate scenario - whether it is Los Angeles, Anaheim or Pasadena that is selected - is that it will create a semiofficial bargaining chip for owners to use against the cities in which they are located to make deals for new or improved facilities.
Together with the Archon and Oblek, Mirany must travel through the nine gates of the underworld to retrieve the lost Hermia, the only bargaining chip they have in the ill-fated conflict with the crazed Argelin.
Reform is particularly important, now that the United States is about to negotiate insurance regulations with the World Trade Organization and has to have a bargaining chip.
Carlton Palmer has set his sights on Blackpool's John Murphy, himself a former Tranmere target, and is reportedly willing to use Taylor as a bargaining chip in the negotiations.
And they are ready to use bad-Bhoy midfielder Eyal Berkovic as a bargaining chip in their bid for the defender.
Having ownership in the hands of the employees also gives Williams a bargaining chip in attracting new employees and retaining key players.
LG is hoping that its reversal of fortune might prove a valuable bargaining chip in its deadlocked merger negotiations with fellow electronics and industrial giant Hyundai (see separate story), or even cause the Korean government to call off the merger, which it ordered.
It's a passport to bigger fights, a bargaining chip if you like.
Though North Korea demanded compensation, it may have been only a bargaining chip.
We regret to say that if the IRS evaluates districts on the basis of penalties asserted, then the assertion of penalties -- as a bargaining chip or otherwise -- will increase.
Certain affected entities may still have their 1987 tax years under examination, in which case the decision may prove to be a significant bargaining chip.
Despite REW's early concern about the rent stabilization aspects of the Downtown Plan's residential conversion and mixed-use benefits, it was Senator Joseph Bruno who seized on the issue as a bargaining chip for the passage of the Downtown incentives.
But, by discouraging the participation of UAW-represented employees in the program and using it as a bargaining chip, the UAW leadership has in effect canceled the ESP program.