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Union lead bargainer Ron Johnson said he and other union leaders have not decided what recommendation to make to members about the latest contract proposal.
Farber and Katz (1979) studied bargainer incentives under conventional arbitration and show that uncertainty about the arbitrator's notion of a fair settlement is a key variable that increases the bargainers' contract zone (i.
As Teamsters General President, Hoffa honed his well-earned reputation as a tough and effective bargainer and gained the respect of labor and business leaders alike across the country.
Prizes were also given to 12 other teams including prizes for best bargainer and best race time.
So, keep your wits about you when you shop and be a hard-nosed bargainer, picking up the bulk deals at cooperatives if you want to keep your budget on track.
Chor Bazr has emerged from an original Thieves' Market to a place where a good bargainer can buy anything under the sun for a song.
He was as ruthless and clever a collective bargainer as he was a crook.
In one indication of the 11thhour activity, aides said the president, Mr Biden and top administration bargainer Rob Nabors were all working late at the White House, and Mr McConnell was making late-night phone calls as well.
Now I must say at the outset that despite having lived a number of years in Asia, I am no bargainer.
New Delhi, Mar 17 ( ANI ): With Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna meeting all dissident MLAs to find an amicable solution to the political standoff in the Congress party in the state, disillusioned party lawmaker Harish Rawat, described himself on Saturday as a bargainer pitching for development of the state, and added that some forces are using dirty tricks against him.
He could smoothly shift from sympat"hetic listener to hard bargainer, as much counselor as diplomat, convincing the Americans he understood their frustration and assuring his Pakistani masters back home that he was standing firm against U.
In an online interview on an Everton fans' website Mr Elstone said: "It's a matter of bargaining and no bargainer worth his salt gives away his position in advance.
libertarian's status as a Bargainer or a Battler largely depends on what issue he or she works on every day.
Motor-mouthed dealer Clive Attrell came up against a hard bargainer in Sue Adams in Taunton, who haggled him up to pounds 790 for her Galle vase.