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Synonyms for bargain

Synonyms for bargain

an act or state of agreeing between parties regarding a course of action

an agreement, especially one involving a sale or exchange

something offered or bought at a low price


to argue about the terms, as of a sale

to enter into a formal agreement

bargain for: to look forward to confidently

Synonyms for bargain

an agreement between parties (usually arrived at after discussion) fixing obligations of each


an advantageous purchase

negotiate the terms of an exchange

come to terms

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International Union Staff Representative Joe Chapman welcomed Judge Ries' ruling, stating: "RAC's claim that we bargained in bad faith is ridiculous, and RAC knows it since it never filed a charge with the NLRB accusing us of bad-faith bargaining.
RANADE: The tendency seems to be for companies to move toward taking advantage of the current law to fund a collectively bargained VEBA or to use trust-owned life insurance in a 501 (c) (9) trust.
Where it can be used, the collectively bargained VEBA is especially valuable because it allows tax-deductible contributions, tax-free asset accumulation, and the ability to fund the entire retiree medical liability, including the medical inflation component.
In the meantime, it would be best for everybody involved if the company came back to the table and bargained.
The facts cited by Garcetti's campaign are that between March 1994 and May 1996, Cooley's office plea bargained 61.
These topics will continue to be bargained on a local basis, Magness said.
SeaBright and Ulico will jointly leverage their proven expertise in marketing and administering Collectively Bargained Workers' Compensation, also referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) workers' compensation coverage.
Most recently, Cooper has recently contended that, if it did agree to sell only to a buyer who had bargained new agreements with the Union, that action was unlawful on its part and its illegal action should relieve it of any duty to arbitrate whatsoever.
In looking at the percent increases in salary from fiscal year 1990 to fiscal year 2001, the six campuses UPI collectively bargained for received raises 7.
Union leaders report that state bargaining representatives have threatened to punish troopers, dispatchers and sergeants if they rejected the fact-finder report by trying to deny those union member any bargained wage increases retroactively.
In connection with a labor dispute, the USWA had alleged that the company had not bargained in good faith and that the company's lockout of USWA members in January 1999 was illegal.
Dan Keating, president of the CUTW said, "We can be proud of the contract which we bargained earlier this year.
Dan Keating, president of the CUTW said, We can be proud of the contract which we bargained earlier this year.