bargain down

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Synonyms for bargain down

persuade the seller to accept a lower price

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Virtual Hustle system allows users to haggle product prices with each other by interacting in real time - After listing products on the site through individual accounts, sellers may choose to take any product unto the Virtual Hustle system for sale, from there buyers can interact with them if they choose to and bargain down prices to whatever is comfortable for both parties before making a purchase.
Iran could have received S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia a decade ago if it had just stopped trying to bargain down the price and accepted Moscow's proposal, military analyst Lt.
They mark it up higher and then the customer can bargain down.
Asda could use the trial as leverage to bargain down suppliers' margins, he added.
It is common for brokers, even in high-end buildings, to bargain down slightly from a space's sticker price during the course of a leasing negotiation.
I've been letting my side of the bargain down for a while.
But if it comes down to it, and he holds up his end of the bargain down there, I won't hesitate to bring him up here.
For all we know, some managed to bargain down the price a bit when they saw that the Bank was serious.