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Barfing before the bell would be an automatic disqualification.
Defense Department lawyers argued that the 2004 law's language barfing offset for any other "veteran's benefit" didn't apply to SBP because it is a DoD benefit, not a VA benefit.
It includes a clause barfing the Department of Education from reducing the size of individual Pell Grants.
If approved by the voters, the amendments will permit voucher subsidies for religious and other private schools in Florida and eliminate the state constitution's language barfing tax aid to religion.
You could blow a gasket even trying to imagine the millions of "special" souls online yakking about meeting a cute boy or dyeing their hair or barfing up a hamburger.
They're all done over there," he explained, before barfing on the bedside table.
But barfing can be a good thing when your body has to quickly get rid of that's making it sick, like food or viruses.