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Barfing before the bell would be an automatic disqualification.
You could blow a gasket even trying to imagine the millions of "special" souls online yakking about meeting a cute boy or dyeing their hair or barfing up a hamburger.
But barfing can be a good thing when your body has to quickly get rid of that's making it sick, like food or viruses.
If you can cut through all the gratituous PG-13 booger eating, barfing, flatulence, nipple-twisting, old men whipping out the middle finger and other questionable sight gags involving midget bashing and men-eyeing-men, the flick actually has a somewhat decent message.
Sky discovers the dead pet after barfing into flowering shrubs and expresses her pain in melodramatic, wailing denial.
The pathos of her condition is real, but gay jokes, offhand scatology and a barfing walrus leave the movie in the world of the Farrelly brothers.
Connor cited "professional and personal reasons" for the departure, but sources close to the organization told Christianity Today that Connor stepped down after a disagreement with FRC's board of directors over a proposed constitutional amendment barfing gay marriage.