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Mind you they were the ones who were left with the last laugh as I barfed as soon as I hit the fresh air.
On the flight, however, Sarah threw up and said later: "I can't believe I barfed in his helicopter but he was very understanding and said not to worry.
We think it is owl lunch barfed back up and later preserved by the resin,'' MacPhee said.
Heat victims included Austen Seaholm and Tony Trujillo, who both barfed during their runs, Peter Hewitt, who fried himself in practice and ended up spending his runs up in his room with a bucket of ice on his chest, and Eric Koston, who suffered a severe heat-induced thigh cramp which may have prevented him from taking the top spot in the finals.
Austen Seaholm not only got invited, but barfed mid-run during qualifiers and kept on skating.