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As a subscriber, I'll receive each issue of Barf Bag Week as it is printed or e-mailed and discounts for contests and special offers.
THE NATIONAL BARF BAG is ideally suited for today's network parties and social events.
Ella Barf, who has served as the Pillow's executive director since 1998, says, "It's an artist's colony, it's a professional school, it's a festival.
Segar to Philip Guston, blending their influences into a vision of broken boards and barf depicted with elegant clarity.
For Kids: Gifts for babies, girls and boys, including stocking stuffers, games, and character-based gifts -- some favorites include the Dreamtime(R) Hot Teddy, Wry Baby Snapsuits with sayings such as "I Might Barf," and the Baby Magic Theater by Philips.
Bydd y beiciwr Ems Davies hefyd yn galw heibio a bydd Fflur Dafydd a'r Barf yn perfformio'n fyw yn y stiwdio.
FE ELLID dweud bod sgrifennu colofn fel llywio canw i lawr afon, fel y gwnaeth y Barf a'r Brawd yng Nghyfraith ar yr Afon Gwy dydd Sadwrn.
Q We stopped giving our dogs dry food and changed to the BARF or bones-and-rawfood method.
Enough to bring this meal to a conclusion with a wholesome barf rather than an burp.
He's also the person who brought about the Jacob's Pillow performances, since he and DTW's senior producer, Craig Peterson, are the ones who invited Ella Barf, executive director of Jacob's Pillow, to see Robbins's show at DTW.
The author's boa embrace of the connoisseur's creed produces its own kind of angst, and one finds oneself longing for some kind of acute present tense, some fresh blood, maybe a little barf material.
Watching Wit, which plays through January 3 at the intimate MCC Theater, you definitely get to run your own movies of watching someone barf into an orange plastic tub or go spacey from overmedication, not to mention those in which you personally escort a saintly nurse to Stockholm to receive her Nobel prize.
It's a movie almost ergonomically designed to make you both laugh and barf.
The first time he jogged offstage was right after he turned around to barf while performing the song "Out of Town Girl," according to (http://www.
Bydd cyfle i wrando ar Fflur Dafydd a'r Barf yn perfformio a bydd un gwyliwr lwcus yn ennill pecyn o nwyddau gwersylla.