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Synonyms for bareness

the state of being without clothes

Synonyms for bareness

a bleak and desolate atmosphere

the state of being unclothed and exposed (especially of a part of the body)

an extreme lack of furnishings or ornamentation


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The multiple ways of looking contrasted with the minimalist scarcity of words and the simplicity of the images used by Stevens to paint the thirteen portraits of the blackbird serve double purpose in the poem: they point to the bareness of the world unadorned by the imagination and represent the poet's need to order reality's flux.
This rationalizing stems from another definition that Elbaz assumes: that 'truth' is fundamentally non-interpretative, and consequently must be the record of "events in their bareness and immediately as they happen," which he claims is "an illusion.
Clearly, Wordsworth's City is "bare" in its link to death, but the extricability of silence from bareness here is also indicative of the oscillating motion his poetry enacts.
I hopped off to school in a short skirt and tank, proudly displaying my lovely bareness and gruesome battle scars.
The bareness of the flat where he lived for two years is shocking.
There is one more difficulty: if in Europe civilization or history facilitates communication with the landscape, in America the signs of civilization prevent such a union, for it (civilization) brings about a different kind of bareness.
In keeping with her new minimalist mood in latter years, and her awareness of bareness and spareness, more often she wore a single strand of pearls or dramatic drop earrings.
Despite his numerous "crimes," Atanas Razin cannot be regarded as a negative hero (postmodern literature denies the existence of such patterns anyway), because by virtue of his professional and thereby life's destiny, he offers us a picture of a world that, in order to save its own bareness, tends toward standardization and the average.
Only a slave, however, has the bodily details so specified: Unlike the amount of the fine, the number of lashes and the bareness of the back are not left to the court's discretion.
Rather, the shrine should surely aim at accentuating the bareness, the lowliness, of the occasion it celebrated, so that the humblest, poorest visitor might know that the Son of God was born into the world in even humbler, poorer circumstances than his.
classical bareness of cold and truth while eating the suckling pig and
He's as black as the ace of spades all over - except for his right foreleg which has been rubbed down to brass bareness.
These are the desolate, dark weeks when nature in its bareness equals the stupidity of man.
The empty spaces depicted in the paintings are consistent with the bareness of the artist's methods.