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Synonyms for bareness

the state of being without clothes

Synonyms for bareness

a bleak and desolate atmosphere

the state of being unclothed and exposed (especially of a part of the body)

an extreme lack of furnishings or ornamentation


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They thus allow me to pose the conceptual relationship between hope, potentiality and bareness as a question.
The color blocking at the neckline of the polo is subtle and needed, considering the bareness of the all-white pants and sneakers.
So how to deal with the text's apparent bareness, at least as it appearsthrough the eyes ofa twenty-first century Anglophone reader?
42) Bareness and nudity in Italian-nuda--(and the French nue) are one and the same term.
His writings reduce human being and his relations to bareness where there cannot be a stable system for identification that language is one of them.
Variations in course length between one garment and another can produce size variations, whilst course length variations within structures (particularly when using continuous filament yarns) can produce horizontal bareness and adversely affect the appearance of the fabric [1, 2].
To present this music in an idiom that savors, as much as possible, the contemporary, preferring a bareness rather than a richness of style and accustoming the student's ear to a freer use of the intervals of the second, fifth, fourth and seventh, so abundantly used in most contemporary music.
When he was exiled to Lebanon's Marj al-Zuhur, starting in the winter of 1992, I was still living in Palestine, and I remember the trepidation that many felt that some of these old men would die amid the bareness of the snowy mountains.
The mute bareness about these black-and-white works -- most of them bereft of human beings -- has provided the inspiration for the exhibition title.
You are then left with an awareness of the clear state of your mind in its stark bareness.
Cold vicious hands touching, hurting and probing her bareness all over
Melbourne, January 21 ( ANI ): Metrosexuality, which was first a neat shirt and a bit of hair gel, has now gone to the max as the laser Brazilian grows in popularity among Brisbane men chasing youthful bareness and sporty speed.
It is in this bareness that many struggle to survive, without protection from the elements and in Egypt the weather is only the beginning of their problems.