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Survivors dug at the earth barehanded, but all they found were bodies.
If the rat catcher's aim or courage fails, the rat may scurry into a hole or drain pipe, forcing the man to reach in, barehanded, and extract it by the tail.
Siddique-al-Farooq said that the issue of Kashmir would long have been resolved, but for the untimely Kargil adventure Thanking God Almighty for the fact that struggle for self determination of Kashmir was heading strongly towards its logical course, despite barehanded Kashmiri youth, he also thanked God Almighty that this imprudent and uncouth statement of Musharraf had failed to damage the Kashmiri movement.
The disturbing image on the cover of this issue of the Canadian Journal of Public Health shows a child in Indonesia sifting barehanded through a dump littered with asbestos.
With one out and the bases loaded in the 10th inning, Baron hit a soft chopper down the third-base line to Gyorko, who couldn't pull off a barehanded snag as Everett's Kevin Rivers scored to seal a 4-3 win in Northwest League baseball Monday evening.
Fifty-Nine in '84: Old Hoss Radbourn, Barehanded Baseball and the Greatest Season a Pitcher Ever Had comes from a Pulitzer Prize finalist and tells of pitcher Charles Radbourn's 1884 season, when he set a record that would never be broken.
Then, in a single motion, Furcal barehanded it out of the air and fired it to first.
Through barehanded kneading of clay, the artist felt understood the material as body.
Made of tough G-10 composite in a variety of colors, these rugged grips offer purchase whether shooting gloved, barehanded or soaking wet--along with giving the operator just a bit of individuality.
Cable TV footage showed Robert, dubbed ''Spiderman'' as he used to don the red and blue suit of the cartoon figure, skillfully climb the 60-story building barehanded but without Spiderman's outfit this time.
But now that you're older, you just might be foolish or careless enough to reach out and grab some ice-cold metal barehanded.
As a boy Setanta was unbeatable at any sport and gained his adult name by killing barehanded the great hound of Culainn.
And finally, a story of a powerful belief in what the franchise represents: the right of individuals, through machinery, weaponry, or barehanded intelligence, to live, be free, and pursue happiness, no matter how horrific the results (and we can all agree that Robert Wise's Star Trek: The Motion Picture was as slow and agonizing as any torture devised on that evil Enterprise from the "Mirror, Mirror" episode in which Spock has a beard).
She can be approached barehanded, though, if you are careful to grasp her firmly, smoothing down the hairs away from the stalk at the center of the plant, rather than brushing the hairs the "wrong way," against the leaves toward the central stem.
I am even able to remove something from the freezer barehanded.