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a vessel (such as a yacht) that can be chartered without a captain or crew or provisions

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Lot No 2: purchase full flight simulator sessions (FFS duly approved) for ATR 42/72 bareboat including 300 series.
And, finally, on graduation day, sailing students leave their instructor on shore and test their new skills during a 24-hour mini-cruise on their own--a key part of the experience for Sarah, who plans a bareboat charter with a friend this summer.
BOURBON announces the transfer of ownership of 12 vessels to the Chinese company ICBC Financial Leasing ("ICBCL") for a total value of approximately US$ 378 million, as part of the sale and bareboat charter agreement for up to 51 vessels signed with ICBCL on April 9, 2013.
Sailors will be able to enjoy the beauty of these islands on a bareboat fleet ranging from 38- to 50-feet and with a mix of monohulls and catamarans, said Raul Bermudez, VP of charter of sales and marketing.
Expect to pay a couple of thousand dollars a week for a bareboat, or do-it-yourself, charter on a small sailboat, while a trip aboard the 280-foot mega yacht "Annaliesse" runs about $840,000 per week plus expenses.
The Whitsunday Bareboat Operators Association (WBOA) and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), which manages the marine park surrounding the Whitsundays, have devised an accreditation scheme for bareboat operators.
Reisini's father was instrumental in formulating ventures with the Russian navy, Hack explained, and was involved in bareboat chartering with the Russian Merchant marine.
Eight of the vessels are on medium-term time charters, two are on long-term bareboat charters and two are operating in the Tankers International Pool.
Lot 1 Purchase-based simulator sessions (Fnpt2) for ATR 42/72 bareboat - indicative volume 20 pm
BOURBON will continue to operate the two ships for a minimum period of 2 years to a maximum period of 5 years, with an annual bareboat charter cost of 13% of the transaction value.
The company already is taking reservations for bareboat and crewed yacht charters for monohulls and catamarans ranging in size from 38 to 52 feet.
The company had earlier secured bareboat charter contract for one fast support vessel for Malaysia-based logistic company Classic Marine & Services with a contract value of around MYR24.
The first 9 vessels are sold and bareboat chartered
In 2008, Ship Finance purchased the West Polaris and it was chartered to a subsidiary of Seadrill on a long-term bareboat charter where Seadrill was granted certain purchase options, first time in 2012.