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characterized by disorderly action and disregard for rules

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And he said the sport had been held back in some areas by lesscontrolled bare-knuckle fights.
Sean George, 32, has a long history in martial arts, but will be competing in his first bare-knuckle boxing bout in Newcastle, in an event put on by the UK's largest promoter, BBAD Promotions.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 The Republic of Korea (South Korea); 2 Charles Schultz; 3 Birds - especially parrots; 4 Vladivostok; 5 Uruguay; 6 Godfather; 7 Dowsing; 8 Timber; 9 Bare-knuckle boxing; 10 Harold Wilson.
The 52-year-old former bare-knuckle fighter punched the air and embraced runner-up, former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona.
The annual cinephile smackdown will be themed to the Irish bare-knuckle boxing documentary
1889: John L Sullivan defeated Jake Kilrain in Mississippi after 75 rounds -thlast bare-knuckle heavyweight title contest.
Shawn is eventually taken in by hustler Harvey Boarden, played by Terrence Howard, and introduced to the underground bare-knuckle circuit.
FIGHTING is a no-holds-barred tale of one young man's introduction to New York's bare-knuckle brawl scene.
I promise the Government that there will be an absolute bare-knuckle fight on this.
As he struggles to bring his family together again, his adventures range from bare-knuckle prize fighting to voodoo baptism, serpent handling, and when he finds his true love, he gains the ruthless vengeance of her bitter, jilted rival.
Peter Hain has promised a bare-knuckle fight to stop the Conservatives,' said Mr Bourne.
In a bare-knuckle brawl for control of Venezuela's US$1.
military service, bare-knuckle fighting, back breaking manual labor, etc.
1727: James Figg beat Ned Sutton in what is believed to be the first bare-knuckle boxing contest to have a title at stake.
Travellers' bare-knuckle bouts become an internet sensation THESE are the brutal scenes of violence as fighting Travellers squared off in vicious bare-knuckle bouts.