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Synonyms for bare-breasted

having the breasts uncovered or featuring such nudity

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Inevitably, some of the bare-breasted girls jiggled their bosoms in front of him and he seemed quite amused.
A team of bare-breasted women will wield the scissors when A Bit Off The Top opens for business.
The front featured a central angel being comforted by a mermaid on one wing and a bare-breasted woman on the other.
Jury selection began yesterday in the trial of a 24-year-old Florida man charged with obscenity over a T-shirt featuring a bare-breasted nun and calling Jesus a profane name.
A bare-breasted woman wearing a long, glowing orange skirt speaks of spiders, voices and women's eyes, furiously crumples cellophane in a cacophonous frenzy, and dramatically traces arcs in space with her upper body as she waltzes through webbed lighting that keeps dividing the stage into new lands.
London, Mar 12 (ANI): American artist Jeff Koons' porcelain sculpture of a pink panther hugging a bare-breasted blonde is expected to fetch 30 million dollars at a New York City auction.
If you don't want the world to see you bare-breasted in fishnet stockings and wearing a tight corset, take your kit off in front of the bedroom mirror - not a camera.
In one of the more successful skits, a ``Miss Ancient Greece'' pageant, a frumpy plebian (Laurie Wollery) dukes it out with a bare-breasted Helen of Troy (Erin Matthews), who imitates Marlene Dietrich, breathily belting out ``I Love Paris'' (Paris, of course, was Helen's Trojan lover).
The Compania Nacional de Danza cast included a rocking woman, a keytoting guard, and a bare-breasted snake handler.
He posted a sample of his work featuring bare-breasted Himba women on Facebook, which deemed them unsuitable for children and took them off overnight.
TENS of thousands of young women danced bare-breasted before a monarch yesterday in a bid to be his next wife.
Initially, most of the controversy was sparked by local officials as they wrestled with whether to allow bare-breasted women at public swimming pools and beaches.
Admirers in cyberspace can now have a say in deciding whether Kerry's most famous bare-breasted female should bare all again.
Spanish state television broadcast four still frames from the film Tuesday night, showing a bare-breasted woman claimed to be the 21-year-old Norma Jean Baker.
Galignano sent his models down the catwalk bare-breasted and without underwear - and as this outfit shows, his desire to cause a stir was quite transparent.