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15, tent sites cost$40 per night, per couple; cottages rent for $53 per night, per couple; and bare-bones sites are available for $13 per night; rates do not include a 7.
Described by just one line in Toback's bare-bones 35-page script, Loved's lesbian love scene--which will be Campbell's first nude appearance onscreen--was improvised and choreographed by Campbell and Carter.
To complicate matters further, string theorists don't actually know the full differential equations describing the underlying quantum theory They have to approximate those equations by starting with simplified, bare-bones versions, then introducing liner and liner corrections.
Joining the program are Supermicro Computer, a market leader in x86 server and motherboard solutions for the distribution channel; Tyan Computer Corporation, a well-renowned designer and manufacturer of advanced x86 and x86-64 platform and system technology for OEMs, VARs and system builders worldwide; and Uniwide Technologies, a leader in AMD Opteron processor-based server and workstation bare-bones platforms.
Just where they would perform was up in the air until April 1, when school district officials arranged for the performers to use the Vital Express theater at College of the Canyons, negotiating a bare-bones fee of $2,300 for the three-show schedule.
Innes can take a scene and walk away with it with one look, line, or gesture--an ability ER's producers abused last season in the bare-bones presentation of Weaver's romance with her firefighter.
Most surprising was the gallery devoted to "Prehistory": the halting urban-angst fantasias he created in the circle of Andre Masson; and even more in focus, the retardataire, Andre Detain-derived small paintings of his girlfriend Lili vamping and mugging a la Claude Cahun in the ir bare-bones Parisian apartment.
The Carvels of yesteryear were white, bare-bones operations with no seating area.
All of the characters in Stranger Inside surfer from bare-bones back stories, and even the one flashback to Treasure's youth is more confusing than film minating.
Legend has it that while out for a stroll artists Simeone Crispino and Stella Scala came across a ceramic slab, most likely a tombstone, bearing the words Vedova Mazzei (Widow Mazzei), a bare-bones epitaph that now serves the collaborative duo as their name.
GYEONGGI-DO, Korea -- Bare-Bones PC Conquers Heat and Noise Issues and Delivers TV, Audio, and PC Capabilities in an Affordable Package
Just a decade ago, Vetere said, pet products was a bare-bones industry made up of the basics - food, litter, cages and collars.
The Brooklyn-based musician says it was his current romantic partner and manager of nine years, Joe Romano (whom he met at a gay runners' club), who insisted on keeping the tracks as unadorned as possible, thus preserving the CD's bare-bones, delicately drifting quality.
THE NEW NAIMA in Santa Clarita is a bare-bones storefront cafe that claims it's the first Persian (although it also describes itself as Mediterranean) restaurant in the area.
A heartfelt documentary about the life and death of a close friend, North's bare-bones film is one of the first cinematic portrayals of a lesbian with AIDS.