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The bare-bones version of the differential equations of string theory looks very similar to the equations connected with the physical interpretat[on of general relativity, But that's not the full string theory story, One also has to include all the correction terms to see if those additions make a difference.
GYEONGGI-DO, Korea -- Bare-Bones PC Conquers Heat and Noise Issues and Delivers TV, Audio, and PC Capabilities in an Affordable Package
THE NEW NAIMA in Santa Clarita is a bare-bones storefront cafe that claims it's the first Persian (although it also describes itself as Mediterranean) restaurant in the area.
Most surprising was the gallery devoted to "Prehistory": the halting urban-angst fantasias he created in the circle of Andre Masson; and even more in focus, the retardataire, Andre Detain-derived small paintings of his girlfriend Lili vamping and mugging a la Claude Cahun in the ir bare-bones Parisian apartment.
All of the characters in Stranger Inside surfer from bare-bones back stories, and even the one flashback to Treasure's youth is more confusing than film minating.
Driven out of the bare-bones hospital where she was an adept nurse-practitioner, a single mom despairs over how she'll feed her daughter and mother.
The Brooklyn-based musician says it was his current romantic partner and manager of nine years, Joe Romano (whom he met at a gay runners' club), who insisted on keeping the tracks as unadorned as possible, thus preserving the CD's bare-bones, delicately drifting quality.
Legend has it that while out for a stroll artists Simeone Crispino and Stella Scala came across a ceramic slab, most likely a tombstone, bearing the words Vedova Mazzei (Widow Mazzei), a bare-bones epitaph that now serves the collaborative duo as their name.
Reliance, we took things to the next level -- beyond redundancy of key components to absolute bare-bones, fault-tolerance.
THE NEOPHYTE Uprising Theatre Company is offering a bare-bones but highly literate rendering of ``Hamlet'' at West Hollywood's Court Theatre.
A heartfelt documentary about the life and death of a close friend, North's bare-bones film is one of the first cinematic portrayals of a lesbian with AIDS.
In a nutshell: Fairly bare-bones and myopic but of possible interest to enthusiasts or the uninitiated.
This incendiary musical play, with its bare-bones staging, pro-worker sentiments, and thumb-nosing approach to musical scoring, caught the unionist spirit of the day as it precipitated the downfall of the Federal Theatre Project amid suspicion of communist propagandizing.
Barba reported that the Company's success in selling additional products and services to its existing customers in a bare-bones program, which was initiated less than a year ago, has been so compelling that the Board approved the investment.
The 10-acre park on United Street north of Rosamond Boulevard is bare-bones, with just grass and one piece of playground equipment.