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Greg keeps telling people I'm bare-assed under my chaps and I'm not, but I told him if we do a gay week, I'd do it
She left little imperious notes, written in her refined, spidery hand, on the mail table to chide loud drinkers on the lawn at night who sometimes cavorted bare-assed in the moonlight in the decorative pool, or other abuses of the genteel, artistic atmosphere.
The resultant information vacuum is a cinch to fill with lies, if not the bare-assed type then at least the kind Churchill called "terminological inexactitude.
Or a little ditty about Newt Gingrich caught bare-assed on top of his desk conferring with an aide?
When angered, he could bang his shoe at the United Nations and threaten to push Russia's abstract artists bare-assed into clumps of nettles.