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Bare Bones dance in the Border Morris style and performed a dance to Barwick Green, the theme tune for the Archers, and also invited 'Academic Archers ' to join them in a short workshop.
Lady Laudanum, Grande Dame of the Underworld and CEO of Bare Bones Tours plc headed the carnival parade herself, in an unprecedented appearance this side of the River Styx.
Football managers like to use this phrase whenever they have lots of members of their squad unavailable - Sir Alex has been describing Manchester United as down to the bare bones over the past couple of weeks - and this bare-bones analogy can be applied to the world of televised sport today.
And if this whets your whistle, stay tuned for Madeleine Peyroux: Live in Los Angeles, in which she performs tracks from the Bare Bones album.
After a four-year break, it's recorded simply in the studio, often sounding live with bare bones backing.
comgallery/v/characterskeletons, where the likes of Charlie Brown, Betty Boop and Barney Rubble are stripped of their flesh so you can see their bare bones.
Christian author and speaker Jim George applies his extensive degree learning from Talbot Theological Seminary to The Bare Bones Bible Handbook: 10 Minutes to Understanding Each Books of the Bible, a plain-text, straightforward guide to what the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible have to say.
When considering the pier, the architects took the bare bones, honest, pared down and matter-of-fact quality of the existing structure as their starting point.
LA MARCA de procesadores reunio a fabricantes de bare bones, memoria y perifericos con integradores locales, para impulsar el ensamble de laptops nacionales.
said Steve Staten, manager of Bare Bones Pit Bar-B-Q.
In this paper, the author defends the Bare Bones Theory, according to which sentences that contain demonstratives are evaluated relative to contexts that include demonstrata.
Following Salmon (2002, 511), let's call this the Bare Bones Theory.
If you are new to the net and it all seems just a wee bit too confusing, then you need to get down to the bare bones of using the internet so you can get the best use out of it.
It gives the bare bones about Mendel's life as a monk, teacher, and later abbot, as well as his historic study of genetics in peas.
VISITORS to Market Hall Museum in Warwick got the chance to handle the bones of Jurassic sea-dragons, mammoths and dinosaurs during the bare bones and fossils workshop this week.