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Football managers like to use this phrase whenever they have lots of members of their squad unavailable - Sir Alex has been describing Manchester United as down to the bare bones over the past couple of weeks - and this bare-bones analogy can be applied to the world of televised sport today.
And if this whets your whistle, stay tuned for Madeleine Peyroux: Live in Los Angeles, in which she performs tracks from the Bare Bones album.
For further information on Andante Travels' Bare Bones programme telephone 01722 713 800 or visit andantetravels.
REAL Betis' veteran manager Lorenzo Serra Ferrer claims his squad is down to the bare bones for the Champions League clash with Liverpool and he called on his players to show their character at Anfield if they want to survive in the tournament.
Again we were down to the bare bones, but from two games we have taken four points without playing that well and with literally only 11 fit players," said the Oval boss.
said Steve Staten, manager of Bare Bones Pit Bar-B-Q.
In this paper, the author defends the Bare Bones Theory, according to which sentences that contain demonstratives are evaluated relative to contexts that include demonstrata.
If you are new to the net and it all seems just a wee bit too confusing, then you need to get down to the bare bones of using the internet so you can get the best use out of it.
It gives the bare bones about Mendel's life as a monk, teacher, and later abbot, as well as his historic study of genetics in peas.
The index fund's bare bones, no-frills portfolio stays set, and goes through little if any turnover during the course of a year.
Choreographed in 1957, it is a modernist classic that corresponds to what Merce Cunningham was doing, or was going to do, in modern dance: showing the audience the bare bones of a complex technique and, in a no-frills, no-nonsense way, approaching dance as a kinesthetic task to be fulfilled, rather than an emotional landscape to be enacted.
Calderon used it in a plea to his readers to supplement the bare bones of his auto text from their own imagination, thus supplying the effects of music, dance, color, and spectacle to flesh it out.
Slated for release on November 16th, Bare Bones is an inspired collection of minimally arranged hits culled from Adams' impressive body of work spanning three decades.
We're down to the bare bones - we're struggling to get a squad together," said assistant boss Belford.