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the idolization of William Shakespeare

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Hazlitt then gets personal with some expressive bardolatry of his own: "For my own part, I so far consider this preference given to the comic genius of the poet as erroneous and unfounded, that I should say that he is the only tragic poet in the world in the highest sense, as being on a par with, and the same as Nature, in her greatest heights and depths of action and suffering" (5:26, VI:30-31).
Bardolatry puts Shakespeare on a pedestal, sets him apart from his fellows, and attributes to his work things that are perhaps more our perceptions than anything else.
But there's more to Lamb's reservations than a highly orthodox and ascetic Bardolatry.
And yet I can't recall an expression of bardolatry that rivals this one, from Frank Harris (1856-1931), a journalist who wrote The Man Shakespeare:
This meant that his recourse to neoclassical strictures by which to deflate the bardolatry of his fellow Romantics coexisted with the saturation of his writing with conscious and unconscious Shakespearean allusions and by the deliberate rewriting and rethinking of certain plays in his own original dramas.
They also feed off the bardolatry that should presumably be one of the primary objects under review.
whatever piece of Bardolatry that you can't give away for free on the Home Shopping Network.
2) Despite repeated attempts to quench the cult of the Hero as Poet (as Thomas Carlyle defined it), or the phenomenon of Shakespearomanie (as the Germans themselves termed it), bardolatry (as George Bernard Shaw first called it) persisted.
As Johnson makes clear throughout, this unexpected focus is as much a challenge to New Historicism as it is to bardolatry.
One may wonder up to what point unconscious bardolatry is being filtered in this reference, and also if the mystifying connection between the originals and their appropriations ignores one hundred years of cultural blackout upon the Bard.
Shakespeare-worship or Bardolatry had taken firm root at the time of David Garrick's extraordinary Shakespeare Jubilee at Stratford-upon-Avon in 1769.
American history is filled with manifestoes of cultural independence paradoxically coupled with exercises in bardolatry and Anglophilia.
The answer to this weakness is not, however, what Harold Bloom has done in his recent best seller Shakepeare: The Invention of the Human, to revert to an outmoded Romantic bardolatry and reproduce the very notions of Romantic transcendental subjectivity that have been so effectively dismantled in recent years.
In Robb's view, French bardolatry is such that if the bullet with which Verlaine shot Rimbaud in the left wrist on July 10, 1873, "ever emerges, it will probably become one of the holiest relics in modern literature.
For one of the 85 new words published in the 10th edition of the dictionary out today, includes the word bardolatry - meaning excessive admiration of Shakespeare.