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strong wire with barbs at regular intervals used to prevent passage


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Abdulrahman Katanani's "Zinco, Barbwire and Freedom" is up at the Agial Gallery until Jun 25.
3,600 LF of 6 chain link fence 9GA with barbwire, purchase may not exceed the budgeted amount.
about installation of barbwire fences in Didi Khurvaleti, Gugutiantkari, Kvemo Nikozi, Tamarasheni, Dvani and Atotsi villages,
It added that Israeli military technical teams accompanied by foot soldiers checked the electronic system installed on the barbwire at the western part of the Ghajjar village as well as on the early warning system installed in the region facing Bawabat Al-Abbassiyeh.
operates and franchises more than 1,575 restaurants in 34 states, including Shoney's Restaurants, Captain D's, Fifth Quarter Restaurants, Pargo's and BarbWire Steakhouses.
Law enforcers also put barricades, and barbwire on the sidelines of the roads from where the procession was to be passed.
These flights were accompanied by intensive patrols for the Isreali enemy along the demarcation line from Al-Ghajjar in the west until Jabal El-Sheikh hills in the east ," the report added, while as a technical Israeli team checked for half an hour the electronic system installed on the border barbwire at Al- Aabasiyeh- Wadi El Aasel(Honey Valley) at the western parts of occupied Shebaa farms.
boundary line with Tskhinvali region, which has become tense after the recent installation of barbwire fences in the vicinity of Ditsi
Members of the Israeli enemy engineering division carried out a one hour time maintenance works on the video cameras and spying systems installed on the electronic barbwire at Abbasyyeh gate.
The report also mentioned that the flights took place in parallel with on land moves for the Israeli Army, where three Merkava tanks were seen carrying out patrols next to the barbwire in the region between Al-Simmaka and Roueisset Al-Alam sites It also said that Israeli infantry backed by Military vehicles entered for about an hour to the Lebanese sector of Al-Ghajar area where it watched by binoculars the liberated area.
The barbwire separating the Lebanese and Israeli border at the Gate of Fatima juncture witnessed an active morning from the Israeli side; Israeli automated patrols toured along the Matalla colony reaching Al Ghajar point.
I just give you a couple of examples, the A689 from Billingham to Seaton Carew, the A178 from Port Clarence, Robson Street in Billingham to Port Clarence, polythene on the whole length of fencing, stuck to barbwire (animals in these fields), Darlington Back Lane, from Norton to Sadberge, just a few.
Sonny Hernandez, an Air Force Reserve chaplain for the 445th Airlift Wing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, wrote in a blog post on the Christian nationalist website BarbWire.
Imprisoned behind barbwire, Yasu and Haro's hopes and dreams unravel quickly and their young lives are forever changed.
Tenders are invited for demolition of existing fence and construction of new chain link fence with three strand barbwire.