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strong wire with barbs at regular intervals used to prevent passage


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Wide shot, tents and barbwire at the Hungarian border with Serbia
In the occupied Palestine, our brother Saed Erekat took dozens of western and other diplomats to see the barracks, isolation walls, and barbwire ripping through the cities and towns of the West Bank.
The start of the three days of protests on Sunday went off peacefully except for the afternoon incident in which security forces fired water cannon and tear gas at protesters after they threw rocks at police stopping them from removing a barbwire barricade near the Royal Palace.
One time the cow was out walking and the neighbor tied her to a barbwire fence so she would not get hit.
Properly sighted positions allowed defenders to pour murderous enfilading fire on densely packed infantry formations advancing through restrictive ravines and belts of barbwire entanglements.
TEP's program includes video surveillance at all critical substations and operational sites, a barbwire barrier and cut resistance fencing, perimeter alarms, physical patrols, a Security Metal Theft Task Force, company and community training as well as educating local scrap-metal recycling sites about signs of suspicious activity.
Behind were low hills, high barbwire fences, and turreted guards with machine guns.
Hydrocarbon source potential of the Goldwyer Formation, Barbwire Terrace, Canning Basin, Western Australia.
Our geese are at a disproport-ionate rate flying into the barbwire fences than their non-geese peers.
A still photo shows a crow's nest near Amarillo that had been constructed with scraps of barbwire.
At the edge of town, I laid the bike over in tall weeds, tossed the paper bag over the creaking, barbwire fence, then eased myself through, shotgun in hand.
Today, we see America as a geographical boundary surrounded by barbwire of persecution paranoia.
They will be supported by three local bands The Set, The Audio Spares and Burning Barbwire.