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Barbiturate pills are approved for certain medical uses, and are even covered by Medicare Part D, according to the NCOA website article "Medicare Part D Drug Plans; What They Must, May, and Cannot Cover.
Barbiturate withdrawal is treated by tapering drug dosages until the patient is medication-free.
Summary: A series of NN-dimethyl-arylidene barbiturates 1-22 has been re-synthesized and evaluated against a number of Gram-positive Gram-negative bacteria and some fungal strains.
Therefore, there is a high risk of barbiturate intoxication (death caused to poisoning with barbiturates is due, usually, to respiratory distress).
The probe concluded that she had killed herself with an overdose of barbiturates and alcohol.
The barbiturate is a colourless solution, bitter tasting, and comes in a portion like a small glass of sherry.
The prisoners were often severely disturbed, acutely psychotic or they had had one or more alcohol or barbiturate withdrawal seizures while in custody.
Swiss law required that Cutkelvin took the barbiturate himself.
In the sentencing hearing yesterday, Justice Roderick Howie said while Justins believed she was doing what Wylie wanted, she had misled people and was part of a "criminal enterprise" with a family friend who bought the barbiturate in Mexico.
A post mortem examination later found a huge amount of barbiturates in her system.
My clinical experience tells me that barbiturate prescribing is decreasing.
After her mysterious death from a suspected barbiturate overdose in 1926, she was buried with full military honours in the British cemetery near Baghdad, where commemorative services are still held.
The prisoner alleged that his executioners lacked the requisite proficiency in establishing and maintaining an IV line capable of introducing all of the barbiturate necessary to successfully produce his unconsciousness.
Their wide, safety range between effective and lethal doses led to near elimination of barbiturate use for insomnia.
Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston, TX, drafted a policy for the treatment and care of patients undergoing barbiturate therapy.