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Providing the condemned with barbiturate pills to cause a quick painless death obviously does not require any trained (much less medical) personnel, and could avoid the many medical problems with injections, as well as restrictions and expiration dates on injectable drugs," suggests Banzhaf.
The barbiturate is a colourless solution, bitter tasting, and comes in a portion like a small glass of sherry.
The prisoners were often severely disturbed, acutely psychotic or they had had one or more alcohol or barbiturate withdrawal seizures while in custody.
Swiss law required that Cutkelvin took the barbiturate himself.
The study involving more than 8,000 migraine sufferers found that patients using medications containing barbiturates or narcotics, which provide a short-term relief from migraine, could elevate the illness by overusing the drugs.
In the sentencing hearing yesterday, Justice Roderick Howie said while Justins believed she was doing what Wylie wanted, she had misled people and was part of a "criminal enterprise" with a family friend who bought the barbiturate in Mexico.
After spending five days in the hospital to get weaned off the barbiturate, Turley was prescribed a medication specifically approved to treat migraines.
A post mortem examination later found a huge amount of barbiturates in her system.
Although triptans are now by far the most widely recommended medications for acute migraine treatment, barbiturates, opioids, and nonspecific sedative drugs are still widely used and are causing problems for headache patients.
The prisoner alleged that his executioners lacked the requisite proficiency in establishing and maintaining an IV line capable of introducing all of the barbiturate necessary to successfully produce his unconsciousness.
Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston, TX, drafted a policy for the treatment and care of patients undergoing barbiturate therapy.
When you see a vet subdue an animal on a wildlife documentary with a tranquilizer dart, chances are you're seeing a fast-acting barbiturate in action.
Dental management of barbiturate abusers may be complicated by altered drug metabolism, hepatitis B and C, sexually transmitted disease, epilepsy, maxillofacial injuries, tetanus, and HIV infection.
We sought to establish the similarity of action for a barbiturate to that of benzodiazepines for our conditioned suppression paradigm and to identify the pattern of interaction with putative antagonists.
On the other hand, barbiturate pills are approved for certain medical uses, and are even covered by Medicare Part D, as its website indicates.