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a barbiturate used as a hypnotic

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En Tijuana el frasco del compuesto que quita la respiracion induciendo un pesado sueno se consigue a US$ 20 bajo las marcas Sedal-Vet, Sedalforte y Barbital.
Serial dilutions of human CNP-22, BNP-32, and ANP-28 in barbital buffer measured with the CNP RIA revealed cross-reactivity for BNP-32 in physiological concentrations (Fig.
Maier, died from taking an overdose of Veronal, the commercial name for barbital, a sleep-inducing drug.
11 HCL-KCL buffer HCL-Glycine buffer HCL-Phthalate buffer Aconitate buffer Citrate buffer Acetate buffer Citrate-phosphate buffer Succinate buffer Phthalate-NaOH buffer Maleate buffer Cacodylate buffer Phosphate buffer Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane -maleate buffer Barbital buffer Tris buffer Boric acid-borax buffer Propanediol buffer Glycine buffer Borax-NaOH buffer Carbonate-bicarbonate buffer pH 1.
Intravenous diazepam achieved quicker sedation of patients compared with rectal paraldehyde in one study, and there was no difference in sedation times between intramuscular diazepam and oral barbital in another, said Dr.
Previa centrifugacion y filtrado, los extractos fueron sometidos a electroforesis en gel de agarosa en un campo electrico de 95 V, por 35 min utilizando un buffer barbital pH 8,6.
Over 2500 derivatives of barbituric acid have been synthesized after the triumph of barbital and phenobarbital in epilepsy.
The Beckman system used a 1% agarose gel, barbital running buffer with a pH of 8.
These RIAs use 150 [micro]g 8-anilino-1-naphthalene sulfonic acid in each assay tube, and barbital buffer to eliminate interference of serum binding proteins.