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(formerly) a mound of earth inside a fort from which heavy gun can be fired over the parapet

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10) Armstrong protected barbette platforms had two large unflanged trucks (wheels) to run on the racer for the purpose of easier and faster traversing.
15) The protected barbette guns installed by the Australian colonies of Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales, and the 100 tonners, all adopted axial vents.
5) Jervois was shown a model of a system of loading guns in an open barbette battery, but under cover of the parapet (to avoid the annoyance of shrapnel
The two protected barbette systems were shipped to South Australia at the end of June 1879 and arrived at Port Adelaide in late September.
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Each battery had two to eight guns, including 10-inch and 12-inch pieces, all on various carriages rapid fire, antiaircraft, en barbette, disappearing and mortar.
The second phase proceeded with many improvements in fortifications and a continued push outwards so there were quite distinguishable inner and outer lines of defence characterised by heavier calibres of rifled guns with greater range well emplaced, often en barbette in the living rock.
Largely as a result of recommendations of a select committee in 1863, batteries were established quite distinctly on outer and inner lines taking advantage of the availability of heavier and longer ranging guns, rifled rather than smooth bore, mounted en barbette and in flush positions for the most part excavated from the natural rock.
and his wife Rhonda, Paul Bartolini all of Southborough; a sister, Theresa Barbette and her husband Thomas; a brother, Roy Tiziani and his wife Mary all of Framingham; 7 grandchildren, Dominic of NYC, Jeffrey of Waltham, Christopher, Jonathan, & Anthony all of Southborough, Leo F.
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On a 3-view drawing of the B-29, "The standard specification had four 4-gun barbettes.
The volunteers worked together to tidy the site and, once the trust was formed, they sought permission to dig out two pits, or gun barbettes.