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small brightly colored stout-billed tropical bird having short weak wings

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Pierre Barbet determined that "the nails in the hands were driven into a natural space, generally known as Destots space, which is situated between the two rows of the bones of the wrist.
For the time being, and if we cannot sort out the financial crisis, the euro zone is likely to remain in recession," said Dominique Barbet at BNP Paribas.
FIVE News anchor Matt Barbet has been poached to host Daybreak's early rolling news bulletin.
The Socialist party is well set to win the legislative elections," said BNP Paribas economist Dominique Barbet.
Photographs of different species of birds were on display, including Grey Headed Woodpecker, Grey Treepie, Black Lored Tit, Black Throated Tit, Grey Hooded Warbler, Himalayan Bulbul, Green Beater, Common Hooper, Jungle Babblers, Blue Whistling Thrush, green backed tit, blue-throated barbet, yellow billed blue magpie, large pied wagtail, gray winged blackbird and black necked stork.
Matt Barbet, of 5 News, will be at Buckingham Palace, while his co-presenter Emma Crosby will be in Bucklebury.
00pm) Matt Barbet speculating on what awaits Kate Middleton beyond her wedding to Prince William, and asks whether lessons from the past might shape her relationship with the media.
Some of the more insectivorous barbets, such as White-cheeked Barbet (M.
This may reinforce the willingness of large parts of the public opinion to fight the pension reform after the summer recess," said Dominique Barbet of BNP Paribas.
Palm Bay International named Alain Barbet to the newly created position of president for the company's spirits unit.
What matters most for financial markets is the distribution of votes in the first round and whether or not this can be depicted as a no confidence vote in the government," BNP Paribas analyst Dominique Barbet said in a note to clients.
Selina, 57, claimed she had been lined up as maternity cover for Natasha but was discriminated against for being too old, when the channel chose younger readers Isla and Matt Barbet, 32.
After gaining additional work in a few theatre productions she was cast in the lead in Barbet Schroeder's Single White Female, followed by a role in Cameron Crowe's ensemble comedy Singles, both in 1992.
Dumler JS, Barbet AF, Bekker CPJ, Dasch GA, Palmer GH, Ray SC, et al.
Other strong runners include US director Darren Aronofsky's 'The Wrestler', starring Mickey Rourke, and French filmmaker Barbet Schroeder's thriller set in Japan, 'L'Inju: La Bete dans l'Ombre' (The Beast in the Shadow).