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a shop where men can get their hair cut

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para]]Crown Shaving Company, maker of premium grooming aids for men, introduces a new body talcum powder with super-absorbent qualities and a pleasing scent inspired by decades of feedback from barbershop customers[[/para]]
WORCESTER -- It's a four-part, close-harmony, a cappella style of singing called barbershop.
More than 40 percent of hair salons and barbershops, close to 3,300 shops for males and 650 for females, are located in Jeddah.
Black barbershops are the bastion If Black folk traditions and ritualized space.
We are on a membership drive - the more the merrier," said Gayle Powell, director of Dubai City Sound, a rechristened version of Dubai Harmony, a non-profit, all-female chorus that has popularised barbershop singing in Dubai for over 20 years.
TEENAGER Charlie Hacker has put in a lot of hard work to gain five A-levels and now he wants to scale new heights as a barbershop singer.
That there are other barbershops in El Hoyo is tacked onto the stories almost as an afterthought to evaluating Garza's economic and social condition.
This is the place, this is the place, this is the barbershop - the cultural center of the black community,'' Broadous declared amid laughter as raucous as the chortling of chairs in ``Barbershop 2: Back in Business,'' featuring rapper Ice Cube's haircut emporium, which debuted Friday.
MIAMI -- An initiative to identify unrecognized or uncontrolled hypertension among black men is taking an unusual approach--taking regular blood pressure readings at a barbershop in Dallas, Anne Freeman reported at a meeting sponsored by the International Society on Hypertension in Blacks.
Robert Freeman is dispelling the notion that barbershops are just for haircuts and good conversation.
The DAP Foundation's Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program brings men's health issues into barbershops that traditionally have been a place where black men from all segments of society could come together to talk about life, family, relationships, and politics.
National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse's Fatherhood Buzz Works with Barbershops and Other Community Organizations to Provide Dads with Parenting Tips and Resources
The Makkah Municipality is cracking down on public utilities around the Grand Mosque, such as barbershops, in order to ensure their abidance with health regulations.
People would literally hang out at barbershops and sing.
Art started hanging around barbershops when he was a boy in Pittsburgh, where his father, Spencer Smith, was a barber and where Art was born Dec.