barbershop quartet

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an unaccompanied quartet of (usually male) voices singing sentimental songs in four-part harmony

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Five or six barbershop quartets from the Cascade Chorus, which began in Eugene in 1946, are out and about this Valentine's Day weekend, filling requests that cost $40.
Barbershop quartets are composed of a lead, a higher-pitched tenor, a deep, rumbly bass and a midrange baritone.
The building is also a standout for the 30-by-26-foot reproduction of Norman Rockwell's famous Barbershop Quartet illustration, which graces its side.
PHOTO : Frank Huggins began his entertainment career as a singer in a barbershop quartet.
Marine Corps Color Guard, the singing of the National Anthem by the California Promise Barbershop Quartet, and the presentation of The Legacy Project photographic books to honored guests.
The group began as a barbershop quartet consisting of brothers Alan, Wayne, Merrill and Jay, and were later joined by younger sibling Donny.
Barbershop quartet Barbershizzle will be singing their reinvented versions of great hits to entertain the crowds.
featuring the Social Insecurity barbershop quartet July 26; Karass acoustic folk band Aug.
Advocates for AIDS patients criticized a 2005 episode in which Peter was part of a barbershop quartet that dressed in red vests and danced around a man's hospital bed singing a song titled, "You Have AIDS.
The crowd will also be entertained by a barbershop quartet piece from the four actors and special guest appearances from the original Why Bird, children's favourite in the 90's show Playdays, Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey and Santa Claus.
The well-acted marital hassles are frequently interrupted by the bizarre sight of a barbershop quartet singing country and western and gospel in the snow.
Daniel Cochran has performed with Fortissimo, a nationally renowned men's barbershop quartet.
The 64 players are divided into four groups of 16 labelled Sam Snead, Bobby Jones, Gary Player, and Ben Hogan, all members of a local barbershop quartet.
A TEACHER from Warrington is hoping for Christmas chart success as his barbershop quartet competes in the album charts.