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a large fixed adjustable chair in which barbers seat their customers

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Brandon left the barber chair with the sides of his head bald and the top buzzed.
In no time, Mack and two other barbers found themselves at home: Three barber chairs were placed in a small room, with scissors, razors, brushes, combs and gel lined out across desks and tables.
1 -- 2 -- color) Owner Vic Sosikian shows off the vintage barber chair at Mark Matthew Fine Gentlemen's Grooming Club, an upscale salon in Studio City.
Exactly how special took him 35 of those 40 years sitting in Johnny's barber chair to find out, Wes said.
Barber chairs have been used in the United States since barbershops started accepting customers for haircuts.
Today, old wooden barber chairs and the ornate metal-trimmed chairs are refinished and used in homes or as showpieces in hair-styling shops.
Inside his shop, opened in 1943, everything is original down to two 80- year-old barber chairs, porcelain washbasin and decades of National Geographic magazines.
The three antiquated barber chairs sitting adjacent to one another are surrounded by walls covered with old sports photos and dated promotional posters, one advertising the latest look in men's haircuts: flat tops and crew cuts.
Across the San Fernando Valley region Tuesday, students preparing for school filled barber chairs, emptied store shelves of pencils, notebooks and paper, and crowded clothing store aisles looking for last-minute bargains.