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striped pole outside a barbershop

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One of the proteins Lee worked with is made by Haemonchus contortus, or the Barber's pole worm, a veterinary parasite that attaches itself to the lining of the stomach of a ruminant such as a sheep and feeds on its blood, leaving the animal emaciated and anemic.
One of the St George flags was twisted around its pole and resembled a barber's pole.
On the corner of Rupert Street was a men's hairdressers complete with red and white barber's pole stuck on the wall outside.
I guess that deep down I really hoped there would be a red and white barber's pole marking the spot, like I had seen in countless cartoons.
the same as stripes of a barber's pole, forces the eye to follow
For example, a beauty salon and barbershop features an original barber's pole.
For example, the barber's pole worm (Haemonchus contortus), named for its spiraling red intestine, sucks blood fiercely enough to cause severe anemia.
As well as spruced-up waiting area, he is now offering male grooming under the name of The Boot Room, and has invested heavily in a traditional frontage and interior for his shop with a barber's pole imported especially from the US.
The pictures of the familiar red and white barber's pole on the shop's front windows hark back to hairdressing's past.