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a bar to which heavy discs are attached at each end

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We are excited to support Barbells for Boobs again this year because it is an organization making a tremendous difference for people who are often overlooked as at risk for breast cancer," said Stacey Williams, Director of Sales and Marketing, DUX Dental.
We have asked the police to stop the barbell noise, but they tell us people in our subdivision can make noise until 8 p.
The app features 1,700 unique exercises, links to more than 1,000 high-definition demonstration videos and comprehensive workouts for all sorts of home equipment including barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and medicine balls.
On October 13, 2012 at 10 am EST, athletes from CrossFit SOAR will be joining CrossFitter around the world in performing a special team workout, with the aim of raising funds for breast cancer charity Barbells for Boobs.
We were even ready to settle for the Chinese made barbells that cost much less than the ones made in Europe.
I read in a medical journal recently of a case where the metal barbell became completely embedded in the tongue, requiring surgery.
Then, too, barbells don't coming hurtling at you from across the stage, expecting you to toss them in the air.
When using dynamic surfaces like balance boards and exercise balls, make sure you work out with a wide safety zone free of corners, stairs, barbells and other hazards.
A spokesman said: "It could be described as a combination of aerobics and weight-lifting, using barbells and weights to develop the body, all to the sound of music.
The bicep curl, using handweights or barbells is the most common way to keep your muscles strong.
There were barbells in the den, baloney in the refrigerator, and a curved sectional sofa hugging a massive TV set in the front room.
groups have now demonstrated that if they cool the atomic barbells by shooting a stream of them into a vacuum, they do not need to use such a strong electric field.
RIPPED is a 55 minute instructional workout that uses barbells, dumbbells and body weight to increase lean muscle tissue, anaerobic fitness and metabolic rate, enabling the body to burn fat while at rest.
To achieve maximum results use the SMARTBAR with the weight plates to target large muscle groups like a traditional barbell; or use the system's weight plates individually as like barbells to hone in on isolated muscles.
Forget about the calories burnt on the treadmill - focus instead on how many plates you have on your barbells.