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slender tactile process on the jaws of a fish


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Things were not so bad in North Yorkshire and, on the Oaks, Gary Jubb won with 59lb 6oz of carp and barbel, taken to pole and maggot.
The barbel, which represents a new record for the water by one ounce was caught by Blackburn angler David Pickering and proves the North West river can certainly compete with its southern counterparts.
barbel from the much maligned River Trent, he said: "My legs turned to jelly when I netted it.
But fishing with dad, Ian, recently at Thirsk, in North Yorkshire, she kept enough Spam aside to tempt this cracking 9lb barbel.
He decided that the crayfish would clean his hook before the barbel had a chance to find his earth worms, so decided on baiting his hook with Biltong
Gran-of-two Barbel said last night: "My scooter has served me very well but the brake has stopped working, it ha dow its wheels have worn down and my plastic shopping bags keep ripping on its plas ping r ippin handle.
The biggest barbel from the River Severn was Steve Swain's 13lb 5oz fish from the middle river, and the best River Teme barbel was a 10lb 5oz fish to John Morgan at Stanford Bridge.
He enjoyed match fishing success on venues ranging from the River Taff to the Gloucester Canal and in later life moved to live close to the River Wye at Monmouth and became an expert at catching the river's big chub and barbel.
Solihull angler Matt Nunn bagged a brace of double figure barbel from the Warwickshire Avon on his first ever trip in pursuit of the species.
HAMPTON SPRINGS, Malpas 01948 820789: Anglers take their chance with corn and meat for the carp or worm with caster for skimmers, barbel and everything else that swims.
Dace, roach, barbel and chub are all feeding well on the river and the best time to try the Wear out is on a Sunday when the parking is free.
THIS year has been truely remarkable for the capture of giant barbel, with a succession of huge specimens caught all over the country.
The mighty barbel, arguably Britain's most respected coarse fish, has been making the news over the past week.
Around Quatford and Eardington can provide tremendous sport in the fast, gravelly water, ideal for barbel and chub.
The Annual Toyota Barbel Competition hosted by Bulawayo Light Tackle Club held at Inyankuni Dam once again attracted a good number of anglers.