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roasting a large piece of meat on a revolving spit out of doors over an open fire

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In his 2013 book Cooked--which spends about a third of its contents considering what it means to transform food using fire--American food writer Michael Pollan refers to the current state of barbecuing culture as 'notably self-aware'.
Recent research has revealed that the majority (73%) of people in Belfast do not identify CO poisoning as a potential danger when barbecuing, instead selecting food poisoning (70%), burns (62%), child safety (55%), Injury caused by knives or barbecue implements (22%) and drunken accidents (32%) as the main barbecue hazards.
As the popularity of barbecuing continues to grow, so does the desire to try something new and innovative," he said.
Chilton's barbecuing began with his wife's gift of a small smoker 15 years ago.
Blokes see barbecuing as a male preserve - and a jealously protected one.
Men are more likely (61 percent) than women (39 percent) to do the barbecuing.
The barbecuing tradition here began on those ranches in the 19th century, when during cattle roundups hundreds of vaqueros had to be fed quickly and well.
Barbecuing is King in California - Barbecuing is clearly a solid part of the California culture with 99 percent of respondents having barbecued or eaten barbecued chicken, turkey, lamb or salmon.
Barbecuing has also been boosted by people generally being far less formal and more creative with their home entertaining, Premier Foods' San Juan says.
Activities include the hunt for the Best barbecuer and the National BBQ Bus Roadshow that will travel up and down the country to promote barbecuing.
I know we haven't had a good summer for barbecuing, but there's always the hope of an Indian summer with a heat wave right through September.
Whether it's grilling or barbecuing, the man knows all about it.
Dip reckons that barbecuing is a great way of bringing family and friends together - and says we shouldn't wait for a perfect day before deciding to throw those sausages on an outdoor grill to enjoy eating al fresco.
It's easier to understand gas grilling if you view it as a technique closely related to oven cooking as well as to conventional charcoal barbecuing.