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spicy sweet and sour sauce usually based on catsup or chili sauce

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in order to turn it into a barbecue sauce factory," Amy Mills told the council.
For many Filipinos, Racks' pork ribs and that iconic barbecue sauce brings back fond memories of childhood days and family gatherings.
Most barbecue sauces have an average of 15 grams of sugar, says Tiffany Prinster, creator of the line of Simple Girl BBQ Sauces, located near St.
The line includes Gator Ron's Angel Wing Sauce (Original and Spicy), Gator Ron's Heavenly Barbecue Sauce (Original and Chipotle) and Gator Ron's Divine Bloody Mary Mix (Original and Chesapeake).
The contest, which has been conceived to promote the culinary delights of the state and to attract more tourists, will name the best barbecue sauce in 2013.
49, while Walmart Canada has bowed a new Our Finest Barbecue product line featuring such seasonal essentials as ketchup and barbecue sauce.
based KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauces is adding Smoky Bourbon Barbecue Sauce and Spicy Mango Marinade to its product lineup.
Kansas City barbecue sauce is described in Smokin' Jack's menu as possessing the best ingredients of both Carolina and Texas (vinegar, mustard, hot peppers, tomato, Worcestershire sauce) and adding molasses ``for character and body, not just sweetness.
The Solins plan to offer a barbecue sauce bar where participants can construct a pulled pork sandwich with a bun, a helping of barbecued pork topped with cole slaw, and choice of regional barbecue sauces.
What makes them unique is their versatility and their ability to bring out the fruity acidity of tomato-based barbecue sauces.
This is a book for those cooks who have been using standard supermarket barbecue sauces.
WITH the barbecue season still going strong, why not stock up with some delicious Heinz barbecue sauces to give your menu extra tang.
Her products share shelf space with thousands of new items ranging from salad dressings to gourmet barbecue sauces to soul food in a can.
Sticky Fingers specializes in Memphis-style barbecue and offers five signature barbecue sauces - Memphis Original, Carolina Classic, Tennessee Whiskey, Carolina Sweet and HabaSero Hot.
Lulofs' Veterans Q Original Barbecue Sauce was named among National Barbecue News' "2017's Sauces of Honor" and Maxim Magazine's "15 Best Damn Barbecue Sauces in America" in 2017.