barbecue sauce

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spicy sweet and sour sauce usually based on catsup or chili sauce

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2 In a large bowl, mix the chicken wings and oil along with three quarters of the barbecue sauce, and leave to marinade for between 10 minutes and 24 hours.
Barbecue sauce was ranked the most popular flavor enhancer when it comes to grilling (27 percent), followed by grilling seasoning (23 percent), marinade (19 percent) and your classic salt and pepper (13 percent).
White barbecue sauce is popular in northern Alabama.
The Douglas Brush's proprietary features help insure that spills of barbecue sauce are prevented.
Since 1941, Dickey's Barbecue has offered free kids meals every Sunday and affordable family packs that come with a choice of two meats, three medium sides, six rolls and Dickey's famous barbecue sauce.
The winning barbecue sauces will be selected from each region of the state in the Alabama BBQ Sauce-Off, and the regional winners will compete in the finals at Pepper Place Saturday Market in Birmingham on May 18.
KC Rib Eye Stack Sandwich: Seasoned rib eye steak with cheddar cheese, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, onion rings, barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickle on a bun.
The brilliance of the dry rub and barbecue sauce is complemented by the freshness of everything that comes out of the kitchen door.
The packaging of Budweiser's barbecue sauce bottles is instantly recognisable," says Vicki Rusz, product marketing manager at importer RH Amar.
Combine chicken and barbecue sauce in a medium bowl; mix to evenly coat.
based Kraft Foods is launching four new sauces under its Bull's-Eye Barbecue Sauce brand.
Use a large spoon to coat the ribs with about a third of the barbecue sauce and bake on a low shelf for 12-15 minutes.
Honey Chipotle Barbecue Sauce Even with a bit of sweetness from honey and brown sugar, this sauce is sassy and tart, with hints of garlic.
Also new for this year is the Party Box, a convenient carry pack featuring three different variants--Jim Beam [R] Barbecue Sauce, Jim Beam [R] Original Marinade and Jim Beam [R] Bold Steak sauce complete with a basting brush, and the Grill Towe' a combination of Jim Beam [R] Bold Steak Sauce, Jim Beam [R] Barbecue Sauce, a pair of tongs and a spatula.
Pulled pork with barbecue sauce is a southern classic -- true comfort food.