barbecue sauce

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spicy sweet and sour sauce usually based on catsup or chili sauce

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WITH the barbecue season still going strong, why not stock up with some delicious Heinz barbecue sauces to give your menu extra tang.
Based on America's love affair with barbecue sauce, we decided to create our new Ancho Chile Barbecue Sauce, which perfectly complements our shredded pork.
The new design is more family orientated, fun and features host food on the front for greater food appeal," claims the company, adding: "Ten per cent of households buy into the barbecue sauce market, and 80% of Heinz BBQ Sauce sales are between May and August.
The popular barbecue sauces slow down just a little bit," she says, adding that, "Sales in glazes and marinades stay strong all winter long.
HP Foods is also stepping up its activity in the barbecue sauces market with an overhaul of its range and the addition of a honey & woodsmoke flavour.
The gnawing on ribs, burping and being disgusting,'' he said, looking at the barbecue sauce slathered up to his elbows.
Nisaway category controller for barbecue sauces and marinades, Asa Chamberlain, says: "A huge amount of speciality sauces and marinades are appearing on the market.
Cheese and Onion flavour gets its own six-pack, while Texas Barbecue Sauce joins Original, Sour Cream and Salt & Vinegar in the 50g tube range.
Available now, Jack's new Outlaw Burger and Outlaw Spicy Chicken Sandwich feature either a jumbo beef patty or spicy crispy chicken breast with fried onion rings, slices of bacon, slices of American cheese, lettuce and tomatoes topped with KC Masterpiece(R) Original Barbecue Sauce served on a toasted sesame bun.
Drizzle remaining 1/2 cup barbecue sauce over chicken.
And it is not only tomato or chilli-style barbecue sauce that consumers want now--a whole range of flavours are being imported from Australia, America and the Caribbean and Asia.
Shane makes his own barbecue sauce concocted years ago by his grandfather, Big Dad.
Our main focus to date has been barbecue sauces with the UK's leading authentic barbecue sauce, Stubb's," says sales director Mick Wroe.
The new sub is a double portion of mesquite-smoked brisket that has been slow roasted for seven hours, then sliced thin with real cheddar cheese, topped with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce all toasted to perfection.
NOTE: For sandwiches, serve slices inside small or large split French rolls with horseradish sauce, barbecue sauce or Dijon mustard.