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the quality of being shockingly cruel and inhumane

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He saw the Sino-Soviet conflict as political catastrophe that threatened European values, which he contrasts with the barbarousness of Russian autocracy, with nascent "Pan-Germanism," and with a morally bankrupt foreign policy based on financial interests ("Autocracy" 97, 104, 107).
To his good friend and rather more successful courtier Henry Goodyer, he complained that "All shadows are of one colour, if you respect the body from which they are cast (for our shadows upon clay will be dirty, and in a garden green and flowery) so all retirings into a shadowy life are alike from all causes, and alike subjet to the barbarousness and insipid dulness of the country" (1974, 63).
As the battlefield moves toward Carthage itself, with the siege of the city, Flaubert's descriptions of the soldiers composing the mercenary army become more explicit and more emphatic regarding their barbarousness, reflecting and exaggerating the cultural and racial stereotypes regarding the African continent typical of the nineteenth century (Schehr, Figures 108):
10) It was all great fun and of a class with humor in For Whom the Bell Tolls such as Rafael's ascending hyperbolic description of Pilar--first as "something barbarous," then "of such a barbarousness," and finally of "an unbelievable barbarousness.
Le Peintre de la vie moderne further clarifies the misunderstanding according to which barbarousness in art allegedly corresponds to nothing more than "quelques dessins informes" (CEuvres 799) ["defective drawings" (Painter 15).
14) The stress on separation is seen as necessary "because anything beyond the barest contact with the barbarousness of contemporary life threatened to corrupt these young, authentic Muslims.
one of the tests by which the relative barbarousness of various bodies of ancient law may be measured.