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Synonyms for barbarousness

the quality of being shockingly cruel and inhumane

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10) It was all great fun and of a class with humor in For Whom the Bell Tolls such as Rafael's ascending hyperbolic description of Pilar--first as "something barbarous," then "of such a barbarousness," and finally of "an unbelievable barbarousness.
14) The stress on separation is seen as necessary "because anything beyond the barest contact with the barbarousness of contemporary life threatened to corrupt these young, authentic Muslims.
Baudelaire's new draughtsmanship, it seems, is to be an art with a measure of artlessness: its childishness is elsewhere in the article connected with an appropriate barbarousness, which overlaps with the enfantine theme in a way that could be described as Rousseauesque, as the growth of the child into the man is the analogue for the evolution of man from the `savage' state into civilization.
Because these limbs represent the individual, t he family, the community, and communication, Shakespeare shows in one image the multiple contexts simultaneously mutilated by barbarousness.
Grandiloquence, too, is very far from the works of Strauss's last years, works which already at their time of composition seemed posthumous by at least half a century: the Second Horn Concerto, the Oboe Concerto, the heartbreaking Metamorphosen , written out of grief for the destruction of civilised beauty by the forces of wartime barbarousness.