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Salva Kiir's forces act barbarically out of mere hatred and humiliation of the community from which Dr.
Paradoxically, just as modern man has trouble coming to grips with the notion that a healthy mind could choose to act barbarically, it also downplays the existence of evil and sin.
Speaking to media, Ahmed said that Lyari gangsters barbarically killed many people and their activities were continuing unabated.
It is illegal in our country to hunt down the fox with hounds and barbarically kill it.
To those who do not have a voice; who have suffered and still suffer; who were tortured; who died alone and helpless; who were tortured barbarically by our fellow human beings," said the animal welfare organisation.
Whilst some Muslim scholars promote peace in staging protests, the majority still resort to reacting barbarically.
s "Drive a Tank," I got to experience exactly what it feels like to plow an armored vehicle that weighs roughly the same as three female elephants through a giant mud puddle while whooping barbarically and then driving amok through the woods like the proto-human hooligan that I now know -- deep down -- that I am.
The 30 whose death sentence has been commuted to life term were found guilty of barbarically murdering 60 persons by the Supreme Court.
To send the message "kill and you will be killed" to me is all the more barbarically outrageous when it is spoken from the mouth of the chairperson of SAMA.
The Taliban barbarically massacred thousands of men, women and children in the region and destroyed their homes just for being Hazaras.
He said that previously the forces conducted a similar operation in Kohistan Marri region of Balochistan where the human rights were barbarically crushed by occupying forces of Pakistan.
Some believe he should have stood trial; others that he was treated barbarically.
Let's see now: One cuckolded husband barbarically brutalized his wife's lover - through sodomy, throat-slitting, and cold-blooded murder, then wielding his victim's dismembered penis to the police authorities.
China has - many people think - a malign influence on the world economy, treats its citizens barbarically and locks up even artists.
Summary: Pretoria - The members of the Moroccan delegation to the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students in Pretoria was barbarically assaulted, on Tuesday, by separatists of the polisario.