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Erdemci said that in the biennial the "public sphere, an often debated, vague concept regarding both content and definition," would serve as a "matrix that will explore the role of art through inquiries into current-day spatial and economic policies, forms of democracy, the concepts of civilization and barbarianism.
Note here, we do not use the word barbarianism as a synonym of the word savageness in any case, because the word barbarianism is intended to a phase of social tribal organization which has come to the phase of city settlement and the country's fixed borders.
Perhaps we are somewhere in-between the new barbarianism, which is still on its way in the West, pioneer barbarianism - capitalism without democracy (so far this is the Chinese or present-day Russian model, but its spread throughout the world cannot be dismissed), a free market without personal freedom, the strengthening of the economic dictatorship and the accompanying disappearance of political thinking, and the final transformation of politics into a part of mass culture and show business, with the real power and governance falling into the hands of not a publicly elected representative, but someone chosen by the most powerful and non-publicly controlled segment of society - the heads of the central bureaucracy, business, and the media?
Will our choice be the JMP that if we review the history and achievements of each of its members, we would only see fundamentalism, barbarianism or a secession project?
When civilization seems to only exist in one spot, surrounded by barbarianism, it cannot last forever.
He added that in the alleged strife between Egypt's Muslims and Copts there was no clear explanation for "this Muslim barbarianism which probably had its roots in the pre- Islam culture and sparked a conflict that has persisted for centuries over the property of Egyptian territory between its original Coptic owners and its Muslim invaders who came from the Arab Peninsula.
However, it is precisely the absence of a stereotypical, dichotomous portrayal of a complex situation that opens up extensive revenue to explore this controversial figure through a multi-dimensional narrative structure--his idealism as a leader and his barbarianism as a mass murder, as seen through different eyes on both sides of the Sri Lankan political landscape.
The classical Christus Victor motif includes, among other emphases, that of ransom that spoke to people especially during the early centuries in the face of the conflict between barbarianism and civilization, a period when travelers were often abducted.
Fabiola's heritage differed markedly from Maximian's barbarianism.
The Romans where among the first to cut their hair as a sign that they were clean and civilized as at that time long hair was seen by the Romans as a sign of barbarianism.
For his part, Archbishop Capucci said, "Age cannot be measured by years, as long as we can give, we are young", stressing that the Freedom Flotilla which took them to prison and not to Gaza helped uncover israel's brutality and barbarianism.
Certainly, Knights can resist the New Barbarianism of consumerism and dishonest religious fundamentalism.
The commission attacks political leaders for reducing " one of the greatest nations, and one of the oldest civilisations to a state of stark intolerance and barbarianism -- all for petty political gains".
These are not only politicians, academics and journalists who are targeted by Israeli death or defamation squads who assassinate or muzzle them; they are the vanguard of a global movement to liberate the Palestinian people from this ugly barbarianism.
And wishes people of all collegiate loyalties - and those who consider football a pathetic exercise in barbarianism - the happiest of New Years.