barbados cherry

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acid red or yellow cherry-like fruit of a tropical American shrub very rich in vitamin C

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bella were captured in traps in Itabela (n=7) and Ilheus (n=1); also emerged from puparia reared from fruits of araza fruit (Eugenia stipitata, Myrtaceae) (n=1) collected in the municipality of Camamu (13[degrees]58'S; 39[degrees]11'W), from Barbados cherry (n=2) collected in the municipality of Valenca (13[degrees]20'S; 39[degrees]10'W), and from sapodilla (Achras zapota, Sapotaceae) (n=1) collected in the municipality of Taperoa (13[degrees]33'S; 39[degrees]12'W).
Some other healthy and happy plants are olive trees, avocado, black peppercorn, super dwarf Cavendish bananas, Barbados cherry (Acerola), sweet lemon trees, jasmines that bloom all winter, patchouli lea, lemon grass and verbena, tea tree oil (Melaeuca), stevia, tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) and Dragon Fruit (hylocereus undatus).
The 24-shade line contains a botanical blend of camelina oil, Barbados cherry, passion fruit, mango and papaya fruit essences that provide a natural source of moisturization.
One hundred of those 300 species are edibles, and many of them adjoin the Asian garden: Barbados cherry and tamarind trees, jaboticabas, starfruit, dwarf pomegranate, mangos, loquats, papayas, lychees, figs, Chinese persimmons, Persian limes, a banana garden and on and on.
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