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shaped like a rigid strip of metal or wood

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A robber with a distinctive bar-shaped piercing in his left eyebrow is wanted by police.
In the mind of the consumer, these changes are for the better, as satisfaction among owners of clamshell-design phones is significantly higher than of those who own a candy bar-shaped cell phone.
The Japs would probably be the first to declare allegiance to the socialist regime, but there won't be any special treatment for the guys who gave us the soap bar-shaped Camry or the repulsive CRV.
The implant being developed at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, south-west London, has bar-shaped elements that vibrate in response to sound.
The bar-shaped phone features no antenna, comes in different colors and has a rounded design.
He has a bar-shaped piercing above his right eye and spoke with a deep south Durham accent.
Histopathologic examination of hematoxylin-eosin-stained tissue revealed a dermal granulomatous inflammation with a predominantly lymphoid infiltrate (Figure 2) and numerous, small (2-4 [micro]m in diameter), oval to round organisms with bar-shaped paranuclear kinetoplasts, morphologically consistent with leishmanial parasites (Figure 3).
In addition, we found 1,100 bar-shaped fireworks about 1 meter high that could easily have caused injury,'' said Jiang Aishan, a spokesman for the Shanghai Firefighting Bureau.
In the snapshot, Lumia 929 (aka Icon) is seen sporting a rectangular bar-shaped body with curved edges and features a 5.
1) Broaches are bar-shaped cutting tools that, when attached to broaching machines, are used to remove material from workpieces to form complex holes and finish surfaces with a high degree of accuracy.
Though the galaxy is seen edge-on, observations of NGC 4945 suggest that this hive of stars is a spiral galaxy much like our own, with swirling, luminous arms and a bar-shaped central region, ESO announced in its website.
The Magnet is an incredibly slim orange and black bar-shaped device that will appeal to teens who need a low-cost, quick messaging phone.
Instead, they're connected to the two ends of a bar-shaped stretch of stars.
In the mind of the consumer, these changes are for the better, as satisfaction among those who own a clamshell design is significantly higher than those who own a candy bar-shaped cell phone.