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soap in the form of a bar

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Examples include Organic Artisan Handmade Rose Geranium Bar Soap made in the Cotswolds, England, and Savon de Marseille Artisanal French Vegetable Soaps, which are handmade in Provence, France.
There is also a common perception that liquid body washes are better than bar soaps because they may be more moisturizing, but the results of a recently published study suggest otherwise, Dr.
The consumer packaged goods giant said it developed Duo for the "dual user" of both a bar soap and a body wash.
Bar Soap, Bath Additives, Body Wash/Shower Gel, Intimate Hygiene, Liquid Soap, Talcum Powder.
Each of the top five Indian personal care manufacturers has a stronghold in at least one product subcategory: Godrej in hair coloring and bar soap, Marico in hair oil, Dabur in ayurvedic/"natural" toothpaste and hair oil, ITC in deodorants, and Wipro in bar soaps.
With that in mind, DormCo recently launched a new selection of bar soaps, hand soaps and body washes to its inventory, as well as released a new line of compact dorm-room nightstands.
Change in skin surface pH following a single wash with cleanser 1 versus bar soap
Also offering moisturizing properties is up&up Moisturizing Beauty Bar Soap from Minneapolis-based Target.
In most European countries, bar soap is a novelty and a single body wash is used to cleanse the body as well as shampoo and condition the hair.
Anglo-Dutch consumer goods group Unilever (LON:ULVR, AMS:UNA) will sell the bar soap business of the recently acquired US beauty care group Alberto Culver Company (NYSE:ACV) to UK-based home and personal care products maker Lornamead.
Unilever told the Office of Fair Trading that it would sell the Wright's, Cidal and Simple bar soap brands to satisfy the regulator's concerns about its acquisition of personal care products manufacturer Alberto Culver.
Colgate's Octagon All-Purpose soap--(it's a regular, bath bar soap shape)
com; (800) 397-1927) huge selection of scent-blasters, some now powered by titanium, include Field Wipes, Body Bath Towel, Shampoo and Conditioner, Liquid Body Soap, and deodorant Bar Soap.
Along with the marijuana, Wong found a box of Icy Blast Irish Spring bar soap - presumably to mask the smell.
The plant, which has been in operation for the last 50 years, produces a range of bar soaps for UK and overseas markets, accounting for some 13 per cent of total Cussons bar soap tonnage.