bar mitzvah

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(Judaism) an initiation ceremony marking the 13th birthday of a Jewish boy and signifying the beginning of religious responsibility

confirm in the bar mitzvah ceremony, of boys in the Jewish faith

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A bar mitzvah is a coming of age event for a young Jewish boy, when he symbollically becomes a man.
The gags have been running between the family and the staff over the years, and the bar mitzvah "couldn't have been nicer," Mr.
It's bar mitzvah day for Bernie (Gregg Sulkin, front), posing for the requisite family portrait with his parents (Helena Bonham Carter and Eddie Marsan) and brother (Ben Newton), in "Sixty Six.
Then, when Levy took part in the timehonoured ritual of removing the Torah scrolls from the Holy Ark for the Bar Mitzvah boy to read from, one wag in the congregation noted the silver fascia, silver bells and silver handles and quipped: "It must be nice for Daniel to see some silverware at last.
He studied Hebrew in preparation for a bar mitzvah, but as a self-described atheist, the ancient language of Jewish worship just didn't resonate.
He also worked on Bootsie & Snudge, The Evacuees, Bar Mitzvah Boy and sitcom The Lovers.
Disarmed that I'd picked up somewhere that he was raised in a kosher home ("That's not something I'd publicize"), Solondz did share that he went to yeshiva for part of elementary school and was then observant enough to wear prayer fringes, but when I asked him to tell me about his bar mitzvah, he Withheld.
Then I saw the woman who had actually designed Sam's bar mitzvah program.
Hoobastank for Hire--have Hoobastank play your prom, backyard, graduation, bar mitzvah, wedding, whatever
com)-- Mazelmoments, the New York City-based award-winning website for planning Jewish inspired events, is set to publish ground-breaking wedding and party planning reports covering the latest trends in Weddings, Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah celebrations.
March 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --Teenage boys and girls in Florida are making their own bar- or bat mitzvah celebrations more meaningful by making another celebration possible - that of an orphan's bar mitzvah in Israel.
CDATA[ Obama aide Rahm Emanuel will visit Israel this week for his son's bar mitzvah.
It was what it was, and for Gail Stillson standing in front of a microphone at her 43-year-old son's bar mitzvah party last month, it was the proudest moment of her life.
Our rabbi recently held a bar mitzvah for his transplanted organs.
Yet another example of the British film industry's insistence on playing it safe arrives in the shape of this vanilla coming-of-age drama about a Jewish boy's bar mitzvah.