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a magnet in the form of a bar with magnetic poles at each end

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On the one hand, fish meat has so much protein it is known as ``brain food,'' and on the other hand, fish meat concentrates so many heavy metals you could probably catch them with a bar magnet.
Thus, a bar magnet may be suspended with the use of a tied string dangling in the air.
wand or bar magnet Step 1: Measure 125 ml (1/2 cup) of the cereal and
They found that at an atomic scale, the atoms arrange themselves in a grid of microscopic domains, each of which behaves like a small bar magnet.
In a traditional bar magnet (right), the magnetic field juts out from the north pole and bends toward the south pole.
The motor is similar in principle to the giant electromagnets used in scrapyards to lift cars, in which a powerful permanent magnet (one that, like an ordinary bar magnet, requires no power) is paired with a weaker magnet (one whose magnetic field direction can be flipped by an electric current in a coil).
It's as if a bar magnet slowly lost its magnetic field and regained it in the opposite direction, so the positive side becomes the negative side.
1 aluminum pie tin * water * scissors * 1 tall Styrofoam cup * marker * 1 bar magnet * 1 large sewing needle * school glue
Something like the spinning of a top, spin gives the electron magnetic properties, such as those of an infinitesimally small bar magnet, but with strange quantum properties.
Heat an iron bar magnet above 770[degrees] Celsius, and the magnetism vanishes.
Yet, the sun is not a simple bar magnet and the causes of the switch, not to mention the complex tracery of moving magnetic fields throughout the eleven-year cycle, are not easy to map out.
bar magnet * dirt * iron filings* * magnets * paper * paper cup * pencil
Like the magnetic field of Earth, the only planet known for sure to have a liquid-iron dynamo, Mercury's field broadly resembles that of a dipole, a bar magnet with a north and south pole.
Moreover, the team's analysis of around 300 measurements of alpha in light coming from various points in the sky suggests the variation is not random but structured, like a bar magnet.
At the start of the cycle--for instance, during solar minimum in 1995--the magnetic field resembled something like a bar magnet (see miniposter, p.