bar magnet

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a magnet in the form of a bar with magnetic poles at each end

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lt;BCouncil worker Chris Barclay with a bar magnet which is attached to a truck that's used to remove drawing pins that are being scattered on the promenade in Mumbles, Swansea Andrew James
Ask the students to align the direction of the "N" and "S" ends of the bar magnet and the disc magnet so that the arrangement of the dipole small magnets can be easily drawn in the disc magnet.
MATERIALS * plastic bowl * water * bar magnet * sewing needle * paper clip * tape * 2.
Materials: Plastic or glass bowl * Water * Bar magnet * Sewing needle * Paper clip * 2.
The device measures the time until a small bar magnet in the test tube is held by a clot.
One of the more interesting designs to come out of this iterative capability are designs for linear sensors utilizing dual- and triple-step magnets that surround the chip instead of just suspending a single large bar magnet above it.
Cobalt-palladium (Co/Pd) nanodots can be magnetized perpendicular to the plane of the Si base, much like an upright bar magnet.
A magnetic field is generated by use of a bar magnet located below the surface.
14]B bar magnet magnetized along thickness kept as shown in fig 1.
It looks like lines of magnetic flux (as though the two receivers were the ends of a bar magnet in a high-school physics book).
On the one hand, fish meat has so much protein it is known as ``brain food,'' and on the other hand, fish meat concentrates so many heavy metals you could probably catch them with a bar magnet.
The reader uses a "magical pointer" to select questions, then watches the pointer, which uses a bar magnet, spin to the right answers.
Thus, a bar magnet may be suspended with the use of a tied string dangling in the air.
Through its magnetic field, each individual atom acts like a tiny bar magnet.
Like a compass needle repulsed by a bar magnet, the large external field repels the frogs' small field sufficiently to counteract gravity.