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a vertical line before the accented beat marking the boundary between musical bars

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Nature's Path has expanded its USDA-certified organic offerings with additions to its Nature's Path granola bar and Optimum energy bar lines.
The composer also brings out the improvisatory character prevalent in traditional Korean music by removing bar lines and metrical rhythmic structure.
Additionally, complete new pendant and bath bar lines will be introduced, in contemporary and transitional styles.
This led ordinary mortals to believe that without some often over-paid penguin flapping around on a raised rostrum, nuts and bolts musicians were unable to count bar lines or sub-divide the easy end of their four times table.
Add bar lines, but do not include a clef sign, time signature, or notes (students can do that later).
The food division is poised to roll out three bar lines over the next several months, including an "active adult" bar targeted to the mature market.
liquorice, caramel, marshmallow, fondant and bar lines.
General Foods and Ocean Spray have pulled their fruit bar lines, and Coca Cola has sold its Minute Maid Juicee line.
The two all-natural snack bar lines offer a variety of nutritious flavors, including seven options that meet FDA health claim standards for low saturated fat and cholesterol levels and feature a corresponding "Heart Healthy" logo to help consumers identify the products' nutritional benefits.
She found the performance graphs very helpful, especially with the red bar lines added.
Stopping before a bar line inhibits the central nervous system of the student who could otherwise tend to take over and encourage rushing over bar lines into downbeats.
Help your student correctly notate her measures using only time signature, notes without staffs and bar lines.