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a vertical line before the accented beat marking the boundary between musical bars

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The moving heads on the back bar line are very well known, but have not been working properly for some time, so we will be giving them the kiss of life, not just by fixing their motors, but by bringing the characters to life in Rosie's story, which tells the tale of Rosie O'Shea's life and the origins of her famous hostelry.
Skinny Cow has introduced White Mint and Caramel flavors to its low-fat ice cream Truffle Bar line (we're fans of the Chocolate Truffle Bars).
The most expensive part of the bar line was pouring the cement.
On the macaroon bar line, large boiling vessels mix sugar, other ingredients and flavours.
In her piano classes at The University of Texas at Austin, she will walk to the board in the front of the room and write a Roman numeral I followed by a bar line.
If you don't know anyone, stand in the food or bar line.
A rail worker said there was a ``rough ride'' on the Potters Bar line just hours before the crash which killed seven people, but Railtrack sent a maintenance crew to the wrong side of the route, maintenance firm Jarvis said.
Dole, a heavy hitter in the novelty business with its Fruit 'n Juice Bars, has also introduced a fruit and cream bar line.
Rise Bar, formerly known as Divine Foods, makers of PranaBar and Boomi Bar, today announced the launch of its rebranded nutrition bar line, which includes fresh new packaging, branding and design.
6 21) construction of cc road from shivaji circle to kondaji main road via bar line road 28) construction of cc road foot path from hadadi road to ktj nagar 18 th cross via dange park road 30) construction of cc road footpath from thrisul takies to bellary sidamma park and west facing road 36) construction of cc road from bharath colony main road 13th cross to basapura main road via anna nagar 37) construction of cc road from pj extension 5th , 6th, 7th, main road connecting
com)-- Daimer Industries[R], a key supplier of 50 Hz auto detailing and janitorial systems, is now offering for sale a 21 bar line of XPH-9350U heated carpet steam cleaners for automotive interiors and furniture.
Clif Bar & Company, Emeryville, CA, has added Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate flavors to its LUNA Protein nutrition bar line.
Deval Patrick came to Clinton Friday, officials of Weetabix, the town and the state were quick to point out that his attendance was not just to honor the company, which was opening a new cereal bar line, but a reflection on the direction the town was taking.
MORE SOUTH BEACH PRODUCTS: Kraft has expanded its South Beach Diet bar line to include new Snack Bar Delights.
has introduced new flavors and organic ingredients into its entire energy bar line.