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a chart with bars whose lengths are proportional to quantities


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Once the surveys are complete, have students tally the results, then create circle or bar graphs (using the graphs and charts in this issue as a guide) to present their findings.
Bar graphs are useful for visual comparisons of data (Fig.
At the end of November, students share their predictions, bar graphs, and mathematics-log entries with their table group of four students.
Examples of the tables, the bar graphs, and the line graph are shown in Figure 1.
Salesnet's Dashboard offers users a succinct and real-time summary of sales and marketing activities delivered through full-color, interactive bar graphs and pie charts.
For that kind of data, bar graphs are the way to go.
They can then generate pie charts, bar graphs and fever graphs showing traffic by types -- so the CIO can readily see how much of the pipe is consumed by mission-critical traffic versus routine network maintenance or even recreational network use.
Bar graphs are the way to go when the variable you are changing (the independent variable) is discrete, meaning it comes in different types with no types in between.
The bar graph is a convenient way to display changing data over a period of time.