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a woman employed by a bar to act as a companion to men customers


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She is a bar girl that I knew previously and I accept that I paid the bar fine (cash given to the bar to take a girl away).
A growing number of Westerners are being forced to sleep rough on the streets of Thailand, many after succumbing to the ravages of alcoholism or being conned by bar girls.
Megan Fox is a Western bar girl who tags along as bounty hunter Hex (Josh Brolin) sets out for revenge on ex-mentor General Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich) after the evil old git kills his family and leaves him for dead.
Chandini Bar" depicts the life of a bar girl against the backdrop of the Mumbai underworld and had a vigorous impact on the audience.
He gets all moony-eyed for a bar girl Shenaz Treasury (who has dropped 'vaala' from her surname).
Her life journey continues from urchin to maid, teenaged war bride, tingle-tangle bar girl, model, script typist, and eventually, a leading film star of Germany.
In The Lost Weekend (1945),Dowling was Gloria, the saloon bar girl picked up by Don Birnam (Ray Milland), the writer struggling to refind his flow against the terrifying demons of alcohol.
Mai visits Hung to learn his beautiful song, but Hung still loves Tran, whom Lan has forced to work as a bar girl.
She had become a bar girl after leaving one of the many prairie wagons that were carrying a full supply of brides-to-be for the men who had settled in the west.
The bar girl set down a small bottle brimming with a pink-tinged liquid.
Our expense accounts included some bizarre items: trip to dog races in Miami with source, visit to strip joint in Las Vegas with source, champagne for bar girl and source in Chicago.
Burger bar girl Felicity Jones (who was so good in both Cemetery Junction and Like Crazy) moves to a swanky ski resort in this funny-faced Britcom up to its knees in classdivision cliches.
Speaking from his hospital bed Dwayne Ward, 17, said a bar girl in Turkey sold him an alcoholic shot with a kiss thrown in.
It blew out, but the bar girl lit it again and finally got it to our outdoor table.
THE QUEEN OF PATPONG A Poke Rafferty Thriller | TIMOTHY HALLINAN: In the fourth novel of the series, Poke and his wife Rose, formerly a bar girl on Bangkok's notorious Patong Road, are happily Married--until an American predator thought long gone from Rose's past returns.